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Wooding Chris

The Black Lung Captain

The Black Lung Captain Serie: Tales of the Ketty Jay
Genre: heroic

hide Table of Contents

  1. One
  2. An Escape Orphans Don Fight Back Pinn Flounders Destination: Up
  3. Two
  4. A Ramshackle Squadron Technical Difficulties A Moment Of Clarity The Fruits Of Persistence
  5. Three
  6. A Curious Lot A Night On The Town Frey Is Maudlin
  7. Four
  8. A Rude Awakening Grists Proposition An Explorers Tale Risky Business A Hard Bargain
  9. Five
  10. Crakes Daemons Harkins Decides Pulp Fiction Jez And The Manes
  11. Six
  12. The Expedition Sets Out - Rain Jez Takes First Watch Silos Story
  13. Seven
  14. A Commotion In The Camp Crake Is Missing Frey Takes To The Trees A Worrying Discovery
  15. Eight
  16. Harkins On The Hunt A Funeral The Expedition Finds A Village Jezs Correction
  17. Nine
  18. The Dreadnought Curious Cargo Frey Gets A Shock Jez Sneaks Off Flashbacks
  19. Ten
  20. Crake Gets To Work A Mysterious Object Renegotiations Jez Gets Some News
  21. Eleven
  22. Gunfire The Beast-Men Of Kurg Death Or Glory Freys Mathematics A Debt Soon Repaid
  23. Twelve
  24. The Prognostications Of Doctor Malvery Old Acquaintances A New Light Is Shed On Captain Grist
  25. Thirteen
  26. The Butchers Block Pinn Gets A Letter Advice From A Drunkard
  27. Fourteen
  28. An Unexpected Visit Crakes Request The Summoning
  29. Fifteen
  30. Pinn, Lost In Thought Jez Takes A Walk A Fortress Frey Has A Plan
  31. Sixteen
  32. Amalicia Thade - A Warm Welcome Invitations How The Rich Live
  33. Seventeen
  34. High Society We Do Meet In The Strangest Places Parlour Games A Winning Smile
  35. Eighteen
  36. Slags Ambush The Great Outdoors A Stealthy Exit Freys Chivalry Is Tested
  37. Nineteen
  38. The Flashpan A Flight Through The Storm Dead Reckoning Unexpected Resistance
  39. Twenty
  40. Manoeuvres In The Dark - Pinn Is Distracted A Dreadful Opponent Jez, And Yet Not Jez
  41. Twenty-One
  42. A Retreat Uncertainties The Interpreter Frey Stands His Ground Down To Earth
  43. Twenty-Two
  44. Captive Best Of Enemies Jez Awakes Crakes Announcement
  45. Twenty-Three
  46. Hawk Point The Whispermonger A Curious Alliance Grist As A Boy
  47. Twenty-Four
  48. Double-Dealing Spindle Street A Surprise
  49. Twenty-Five
  50. Among The Civilised Kray locks Revelations Frey Joins The Dots
  51. Twenty-Six
  52. The Hospital Crakes Progress The Deal
  53. Twenty-Seven
  54. Meaningful Conversations Jez Clears The Air The Happy Amputee A New Lead - Departures
  55. Twenty-Eight
  56. A Quiet Landing Worrying Evidence An Urchin Oldrew Sprine
  57. Twenty-Nine
  58. A Knights Duty Signs Of The Underground Grissom And Jask A Stranger Frey Interrogates
  59. Thirty
  60. Insurrectionists Frey Betrays A Trust Foreigners The Meaning Of Freedom
  61. Thirty-One
  62. A Place For Partings A Gift The Grog Hatch The Paths Our Hearts Take Us
  63. Thirty-Two
  64. Plomes Confession Conversations In The Sanctum An Ending, Of Sorts
  65. Thirty-Three
  66. Many Angles She Doesn Really Do Subtle A Confrontation
  67. Thirty-Four
  68. A Genuine Piece Of History All Is Revealed Crake And The Pocket Watch Feline Suspicions Jez Has To Choose
  69. Thirty-Five
  70. No Ordinary Storm Bedlam In The Sanctum Freys Authority
  71. Thirty-Six
  72. Harkins Takes To The Air The Streets Are Overrun A Fortuitous Encounter
  73. Thirty-Seven
  74. Thirty-Eight
  75. Frey Plots A Course Bait And Ambush The Stowaway
  76. Thirty-Nine
  77. This Might Very Possibly Be A Stupid Idea No Turning Back The Biggest Chicken Of Them All A Private Message
  78. Forty
  79. The Vortex Jez Reads The Wind Among The Dead
  80. Forty-One
  81. The Engine Room Intruders Time Runs Out
  82. Forty-Two
  83. The Invitation A Mouthpiece The Last Stand
  84. Forty-Three
  85. Spit And Polish Malverys Joke Farewell

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