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Wooding Chris

The Ascendancy Veil

The Ascendancy Veil Оценка: 3.0 (9)
Serie: The Braided Path
Genre: heroic
The war that is destroying the ancient Empire of Saramyr is reaching its apocalyptic conclusion. The Weavers have stepped from the shadows and seized control, the capital is a haunted nightmare, and the land is ridden by pestilence. Terrifying demons, immune to all but magic, have been unleashed on the cities and the armies of the resistance movement. And the Aberrant hordes are seemingly without end. As the final madness of the Weavers takes hold, their tactics become ever more crazed and bloody, with thousands dying on both sides. Someone must stop the Weavers—someone must discover what lies at the bottom of the cavernous pits that they have dug across Saramyr.
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