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Walter M. + Miller Jr.

Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman

Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman Genre: heroic
It has been nearly forty years since Walter M. Miller, Jr., shocked and dazzled readers with his provocative bestseller and enduring classic, A Canticle for Leibowitz. Now, in one of the most eagerly awaited publishing events of our time, here is Millers masterpiece, an epic intellectual and emotional tour de force that will stand beside 1984, Brave New World, and A Canticle for Leibowitz.

In a world struggling to transcend a terrifying legacy of darknessa world torn between love and violence, good and evilone man undertakes an odyssey of adventure and discovery that promises to alter not only his destiny but the destiny of humankind as well.
Millennia have passed since the Flame Deluge, yet society remains fragmented, pockets of civilization besieged by barbarians. The Church is in turmoil, the exiled papacy struggling to survive in its Rocky Mountain refuge. To the south, tyranny is on the march. Imperial Texark troops, bent on conquest, are headed north into the lands of the nomads, spreading terror in their wake.
Meanwhile, isolated in Leibowitz Abbey, Brother Blacktooth St. George suffers a crisis of faith. Torn between his vows and his Nomad upbringing, between the Holy Virgin and visions of the Wild Horse Woman of his people, he stands at the brink of disgrace and expulsion from his order. But he is offered an escapeof sorts: a new assignment as a translator for Cardinal Brownpony, which will take him to the contentious election of a new pope and then on a pilgrimage to the city of New Rome. Journeying across a continent divided by nature, politics, and war, Blacktooth is drawn into Brownponys intrigues and conspiracies. He bears witness torebellion, assassination, and human sacrifice. And he is introduced to the sins that monastery life has long held at bay.
This introduction comes in the form of she-devil, the Holy Mother, or the Wild Horse Woman herself.
Picaresque and passionate, magnificent, dark, and compellingly real, Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman is a brutal, brilliant, thrilling tale of mystery, mysticism, and divine madness, a classic that will long endure in every readers memory.
Year: 1997 .

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  2. NOTE
  3. CHAPTER 1
  4. CHAPTER 2
  5. CHAPTER 3
  6. CHAPTER 4
  7. CHAPTER 5
  8. CHAPTER 6
  9. CHAPTER 7
  10. CHAPTER 8
  11. CHAPTER 9
  12. CHAPTER 10
  13. CHAPTER 11
  14. CHAPTER 12
  15. CHAPTER 13
  16. CHAPTER 14
  17. CHAPTER 15
  18. CHAPTER 16
  19. CHAPTER 17
  20. CHAPTER 18
  21. CHAPTER 19
  22. CHAPTER 20
  23. CHAPTER 21
  24. CHAPTER 22
  25. CHAPTER 23
  26. CHAPTER 24
  27. CHAPTER 25
  28. CHAPTER 26
  29. CHAPTER 27
  30. CHAPTER 28
  31. CHAPTER 29
  32. CHAPTER 30
  33. CHAPTER 31
  34. CHAPTER 32
  35. CHAPTER 33
  36. CHAPTER 34

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