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Pohl Frederik

Man Plus

Man Plus Genre: fantasy
Ill luck made Roger Torraway the subject of the Man Plus Programe, but it was deliberate biological engineering which turned him into a monster — a machine perfectly adapted to survive on Mars. For according to computer predictions, Mars is humankind's only alternative to extinction. But beneath his monstrous exterior, Torraway still carries a man's capacity for suffering.

Won Nebula Award for Best Novel in 1976.
Nominated for Hugo, Locus, and Campbell awards in 1977.
Year: 1976 г.
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  1. Man Plus by Frederik Pohl
  2. One An Astronaut and His World
  3. Two What the President Wanted
  4. Three Man Becoming Martian
  5. Four Group of Probable Pallbearers
  6. Five Monster Becoming Mortal Again
  7. Six Mortal in Mortal Fear
  8. Seven Mortal Becoming Monster
  9. Eight Through Deceitful Eyes
  10. Nine Dash Visits a Bedside
  11. Ten The Batman ’s Entrechats
  12. Eleven Dorothy Louise Mintz Torraway as Penelope
  13. Twelve Two Simulations and a Reality
  14. Thirteen When We Pass the Point of No Return
  15. Fourteen Missionary to Mars
  16. Fifteen How the Good News Went from Mars to Earth
  17. Sixteen On the Perception of Perils
  18. Seventeen A Day in the Life of a Martian
  19. Eighteen Man Plus Us

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