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Watson S.J.

Before I Go To Sleep

Before I Go To Sleep Оценка: 4.9 (30)
Genre: thriller
S. J. Watson makes his powerful debut with Before I Go to Sleep, a compelling, fast-paced psychological thriller, reminiscent of Shutter Island and Memento, in which an amnesiac who, following a mysterious accident, cannot remember her past or form new memories, desperately tries to uncover the truth about who she is—and who she can trust.
Сборники: Тор-50

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супер, очень интересная книга, оригинальная история, читается на одном дыхании

Оценка 5 из 5 звёзд от lydokkk 04.04.2013 14:47  

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Средний рейтинг 4.9 из 5

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