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Plokhy Serhii

The Gates of Europe

The Gates of Europe : 3.5 (2)
Genre: history, politics, publicism
Advance Praise for

The Gates of Europe

Serhii Plokhy has produced a perfect new history of Ukraine for these troubled timesauthoritative and innovative, but always clear and accessible, and a delight to read.

Andrew Wilson, professor of Ukrainian studies at University College London

Serhii Plokhy offers a short yet comprehensive history of Ukraine that contextualizes Mr. Putins current policies as aggression against the wishes of the Ukrainian people, as well as the order established at the end of the Cold War. A pleasure to read, The Gates of Europe will take those familiar with the Moscow narrative on a mind expanding tour of Ukraines past.

John Herbst, former US ambassador to Ukraine

The Gates of Europe.
Year: 2015 .
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