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Wallace Daniel

Big Fish

Оценка: 5.0 (1)
Genre: prose
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  1. Daniel Wallace BIG FISH
  2. Part I
  3. The Day He Was Born
  4. In Which He Speaks to Animals
  5. The Year It Snowed in Alabama
  6. His Great Promise
  7. My Father ’s Death: Take 1
  8. The Girl in the River
  9. His Quiet Charm
  10. How He Tamed the Giant
  11. In Which He Goes Fishing
  12. The Day He Left Ashland
  13. Entering a New World
  14. Part II
  15. The Old Lady and the Eye
  16. My Father ’s Death: Take 2
  17. His First Great Love
  18. His Legendary Legs
  19. In Which He Makes His Move
  20. The Fight
  21. On Meeting the In-Laws
  22. His Three Labors
  23. He Goes to War
  24. My Father ’s Death: Take 3
  25. The Day I Was Born
  26. How He Saw Me
  27. How He Saved My Life
  28. His Immortality
  29. His Greatest Power
  30. In Which He Has a Dream
  31. Part III
  32. In Which He Buys a Town, and More
  33. How It Ends
  34. My Father ’s Death: Take 4
  35. Big Fish
  36. Acknowledgments
  37. An Interview with the Author

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