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Lilly John + Lilly Antonietta

The dyadic cyclone the autobiography of a couple

The dyadic cyclone the autobiography of a couple Genre: biography
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  1. Contents
  2. Prologue
  3. Preface
  4. Introduction
  5. Coincidence Control Develops the Dyad
  6. Emersion from the Influence of an Esoteric School
  7. Experiences in New York: Toni \ s Account of Arica Group Training " Memory is incomplete experience "
  8. Chapter Three Origins Before This Dyad
  9. Chapter Four Coherence in the Dyad
  10. The Transpersonal Supraself and the Dyad \ s Own Security
  11. Creativity, Physiology and Internal Science in the Dyad
  12. Bodily Limits vs. Mind Unlimited in the Dyad
  13. Chapter Eight Illness in the Dyad
  14. Introduction to Our Teachers
  15. John \ s Teachers
  16. Toni \ s Teachers
  17. The Dyadic Planetside Trip: Our House and Tank Work
  18. Toni \ s Inner-Outer Development Leading to a Tank Experience
  19. States of Being and Consciousness in " Coma " — The Quantum of Consciousness
  20. Chapter Thirteen The Search for Reality
  21. Esalen Institute and the AUM Conference
  22. Chapter Fifteen The Dolphins Revisited
  23. Searching for Evidence of Extraterrestrial Beings
  24. The Moat Effect: An Example of a Metabelief Operator
  25. Epilogue
  26. Exercises: Physical, Biophysical, Psychophysical, Mental and Spiritual
  27. " Hallucinations Can Be Normal, Useful Phenomena " Some Uses of the Isolation Tank
  28. The Metabelief Game: A Metabelief Operator
  29. Simulations of God: A Triadic Art Theater Piece

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