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Nakonechnyi Yevgen

Stolen Name. Why Rusyns Turned into Ukrainians

Genre: historical
Stolen Name, Why Rusyns Turned into Ukrainians is one of his publications where history studies are combined with linguistic research, which made it possible to provide a complete picture of the Ukrainian history through the life of the name of our nation, starting from the earliest years to the present-day.
The books reveals precise facts from the history of Ukraine and Russia which make it clear, how easily imperial historians falsely interpreted the facts and even rewrote them deliberately for political purposes of the ruling regime.
Stolen Name is a book of outstanding power of persuasion, all statements supported by references to authentic materials and scientific research. Being a profound study, it is nonetheless read as an adventure story, full of exciting events and discoveries. Written in 2001, it seems to contain answers to a great number of questions of today, not only for Ukraine and Russia but also for the whole world.
Year: 2015 г.
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