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Pratchett Terry

Unseen Academicals

Unseen Academicals Оценка: 4.0 (2)
Serie: Discworld
Genre: heroic
Football has come to the ancient city of Ankh-Morpork not the old
fashioned, grubby pushing and shoving, but the new, fast football
with pointy hats for goalposts and balls that go gloing when you drop
them. And now, the wizards of Unseen University must win a football
match, without using magic, so they re in the mood for trying
everything else. The prospect of the Big Match draws in a street
urchin with a wonderful talent for kicking a tin can, a maker of
jolly good pies, a dim but beautiful young woman, who might just turn
out to be the greatest fashion model there has ever been, and the
mysterious Mr Nutt (and no one knows anything much about Mr Nutt, not
even Mr Nutt, which worries him, too). As the match approaches, four
lives are entangled and changed for ever. Because the thing about
football the important thing about football is that it is not
just about football. Here we go! Here we go! Here we go!
Year: 2009 г.
Сборники: читаю

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