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Williams Tad

Sea of Silver Light

Sea of Silver Light Оценка: 4.3 (3)
Serie: Otherland
Genre: fantasy, heroic
Otherland the private, multidimensional universe created and controlled by The Grail Brotherhood, an organization made up of the world`s most powerful and ruthless individuals was crumbling. The Brotherhood`s plans for immortality within the network had been shattered by the monstrous intelligence that ran the network, a presence known only as the Other, and by the even more monstrous human being who called himself John Dread. Seizing control of the network from his employer, Felix Jongleur, Dread had now made himself the god of this virtual universe and was systematically turning the network`s worlds into killing grounds.

As helplessly trapped as Renie Sulaweyo, !Xabbu, Sam Fredericks, Martine, Paul Jonas, and the rest of the small band who had entered Otherland in an attempt to save the many children held captive within this virtual reality, Jongleur was now forced to make common cause with his enemies. Yet even as they struggled through the maze of invented worlds, striving to reach the true heart of Otherland, time was growing short.

Caught in the surreal and deadly landscapes of the failing network, the desperate band battled against increasing odds to save the children, solve the bizarre mysteries of Otherland, and escape back to reality.

But before long there might not be a 'real' world to return to for any of them. For destroying Jongleur`s playground was merely a dress rehearsal for Johnny Dread. Dread`s ultimate plan was to gain control of Jongleur`s massive corporate holdings and spread apocalyptic destruction throughout the entire Earth. . . .
Year: 2010 г.
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  1. Otherland Final Volume Sea of Silver Light Tad Williams
  2. Acknowledgements
  3. OTHERLAND: City of Golden Shadow Synopsis
  4. OTHERLAND: River of Blue Fire Synopsis
  5. OTHERLAND: Mountain of Black Glass Synopsis
  6. OTHERLAND Sea of Silver Light
  7. Foreword
  9. CHAPTER 1 Strange Bedfellows
  10. CHAPTER 2 Execution Sweet
  11. CHAPTER 3 Restless Natives
  12. CHAPTER 4 In Silver Dreaming
  13. CHAPTER 5 The Last Fish to Swallow
  14. CHAPTER 6 Talking to Machines
  15. CHAPTER 7 The Man from Mars
  16. CHAPTER 8 Listening to the Nothing
  17. CHAPTER 9 Hannibals Return
  18. CHAPTER 10 The Land of Glass and Air
  19. Second: GHOST SONGS
  20. CHAPTER 11 Yours Very Sincerely
  21. CHAPTER 12 The Boy in the Well
  22. CHAPTER 13 King Johnny
  23. CHAPTER 14 The Stone Girl
  24. CHAPTER 15 Confessional
  25. CHAPTER I6 Badlands
  26. CHAPTER 17 Breathing Problems
  27. CHAPTER 18 Making a Witch
  28. CHAPTER 19 The Bravest: Man in the World
  29. CHAPTER 20 Thompsons Iron
  30. CHAPTER 21 Handling Snakes
  31. CHAPTER 22 More Very Bush
  32. Third: THE DYING HOUR
  33. CHAPTER 23 Orientation
  34. CHAPTER 24 Getting out of Dodge
  35. CHAPTER 25 The Hidden Bridge
  36. CHAPTER 26 Flies and Spiders
  37. CHAPTER 27 The Green Steeple
  38. CHAPTER 28 Master of His Silence
  39. CHAPTER 29 Stony Limits
  40. CHAPTER 30 Climbing the Mountain
  41. CHAPTER 31 Romany Fair
  42. CHAPTER 32 Bad House
  44. CHAPTER 33 Weekend Hours
  45. CHAPTER 34 Desert Smile
  46. CHAPTER 35 Rainbows Shoe
  47. CHAPTER 36 Without a Net
  48. CHAPTER 37 The Locked Roam
  49. CHAPTER 38 Boy in Darkness
  50. CHAPTER 39 Broken Angel
  51. CHAPTER 40 The Third Head of Cerberus
  52. CHAPTER 41 Playing the Knight
  53. CHAPTER 42 Old School
  54. CHAPTER 43 Tears of Ra
  55. CHAPTER 44 Stolen Voices
  56. CHAPTER 45 Send
  57. CHAPTER 46 Thoughts Like Smoke
  58. CHAPTER 47 Star Over Louisiana
  59. CHAPTER 48 Unreal Bodies
  60. CHAPTER 49 The Next
  61. Fifth: INHERITORS
  62. CHAPTER 50 No Promises
  63. CHAPTER 51 Watching Cars Explode
  64. CHAPTER 52 The Oracle Surprised
  65. CHAPTER 53 A Borrowed House
  66. Afterword

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