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Hobb Robin

Fool`s Fate

Fool`s Fate Оценка: 4.8 (19)
Serie: The Tawny Man
Genre: heroic
The triumphant conclusion to our three thrilling fantasy series, from the author of the bestselling Farseer and Liveship traders trilogies.

The only hopes for an end to war and insurrection in the Six Duchies rests in the hands of the small party that are embarked on a desperate quest to the frozen island of Aslevjal. Here, so legend says, lies the sleeping form of the legendary great black dragon, Icefyre. The beast is of holy significance to the people of the OutIslands, a powerful talisman, but it is this dragon that their Narcheska has challenged Prince Dutiful to kill. All he has to help him in this in the company of his small coterie: the mercurial old assassin, Chade, the gifted but slow-witted servant boy, Thick, and their Skillmaster, Fitz. The other member of the group has been left behind in Buckkeep, but the Fool will do everything in his power to be with them on the island - he has seen that this is his final destiny. When the ship finally reaches the desolate island it seems out of the question that anything could exist on this wasteland, yet the discoveries that Dutiful and his friends make will not only put the quest and their lives in jeopardy, it will also shape the future of the whole world.

The Tawny Man Book 3 brings not only this trilogy but also the Farseer trilogy begun with ASSASSIN`S APPRENTICE in 1996 to a spectacular conclusion. Filled with breathtaking drama and powerful character-led story-telling, Robin Hobb`s writing is in a class of its own.

'Robin Hobb`s books are like diamonds in a sea of zircons.'

George R R Martin
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  1. Robin Hobb Fools Fate The Tawny Man series, book 3
  2. PROLOGUE Battling Fate
  3. ONE Lizards
  4. TWO Sons
  5. THREE Trepidation
  6. FOUR An Exchange of Weapons
  7. FIVE Departures
  8. SIX Voyage of Dreams
  9. SEVEN Voyage
  10. EIGHT The Hetgurd
  11. NINE Mothershouse
  12. TEN The Narcheska
  13. ELEVEN Wuislington
  14. TWELVE Cousins
  15. THIRTEEN Aslevjal
  16. FOURTEEN The Black Man
  17. FIFTEEN Civil
  18. SIXTEEN Elfbark
  19. SEVENTEEN Icefyre
  20. EIGHTEEN Ice
  21. NINETEEN Below the Ice
  22. TWENTY Corridors
  23. TWENTY-ONE In the Realm of the Pale Woman
  24. TWENTY-TWO Reunion
  25. TWENTY-THREE Mind of a Dragon
  26. TWENTY-FOUR Tintaglias Command
  27. TWENTY-FIVE Dragons
  28. TWENTY-SIX Healings
  29. TWENTY-SEVEN Doors
  30. TWENTY EIGHT Catalyst
  31. TWENTY-NINE Feathers in a Fools Cap
  32. THIRTY Whole
  33. THIRTY-ONE Dragons Head
  34. THIRTY-TWO Through Stones
  35. THIRTY-THREE Family
  36. THIRTY-FOUR Commitments
  37. THIRTY-FIVE Resumption
  38. THIRTY-SIX Harvest Fest
  39. THIRTY-SEVEN Ever After

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