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Hobb Robin

The Golden Fool

The Golden Fool Оценка: 3.5 (2)
Serie: The Tawny Man
Genre: heroic
The second in the thrilling new fantasy series, from the author of the bestselling Assassin trilogy.

Fitz has succeeded in rescuing Prince Dutiful from the clutches of the Piebald rebels, and has returned with him to Buckkeep castle. With Dutiful safe again, Queen Kettricken can proceed with plans to marry him to the Outislander princess, Elliania. However, with tensions building among the peoples of the Six Duchies over Kettricken`s tolerance of the Wittted, even Buckkeep is no longer safe. A reluctant Fitz is assigned to protect the young prince, and also train him in the Skill, and in doing so he finally makes contact not only with his estranged daughter, Nettle, but with someone in Buckkeep who may possess a greater Skill talent even than Fitz. And who may represent a terrible threat to the Farseers.

Meanwhile, Elliania arrives and, before she will accept Prince Dutiful`s betrothal, challenges him to undertake an impossible quest. He must kill a legendary Outislander dragon.

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  1. The Golden Fool The Tawny Man Trilogy, Book II by Robin Hobb
  2. PROLOGUE Losses Sustained
  3. ONE Piebalds
  4. TWO Chade ’s Servant
  5. THREE Echoes
  6. FOUR The Betrothal
  7. FIVE Shared Sorrows
  8. SIX Obliteration
  9. SEVEN Lessons
  10. EIGHT Ambitions
  11. NINE Stone Wager
  12. TEN Resolutions
  13. ELEVEN Tidings from Bingtown
  14. TWELVE Jek
  15. THIRTEEN Challenges
  16. FOURTEEN Scrolls
  17. FIFTEEN Quarrel
  18. SIXTEEN Fathers
  19. SEVENTEEN Explosions
  20. EIGHTEEN Pink Sugar Cake
  21. NINETEEN Laudwine
  22. TWENTY Coterie
  23. TWENTY-ONE Convalescence
  24. TWENTY-TWO Connections
  25. TWENTY-THREE Revelations
  26. TWENTY-FOUR Connections
  27. TWENTY-FIVE Convocation
  28. TWENTY-SIX Negotiations
  29. TWENTY-SEVEN Spring Sailing

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