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Pope Dudley

Ramage`s Prize

Ramage`s Prize Оценка: 3.2 (16)
Serie: Ramage
Genre: adventure
In Ramage’s Prize, his fifth recorded adventure, Lieutenant Nicholas Ramage sets out from Jamaica to track down the mysterious disappearance of the Post vessels – a vital communications link between Whitehall and the West Indies in the war against Bonaparte’s France.
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  1. DUDLEY POPE Ramage ’s Prize
  2. (#5 in Ramage series)
  3. Author s Note
  4. Post Office Packet Routes
  5. Chapter One
  6. Chapter Two
  7. Chapter Three
  8. Chapter Four
  9. Chapter Five
  10. Chapter Six
  11. Chapter Seven
  12. Chapter Eight
  13. Chapter Nine
  14. Chapter Ten
  15. Chapter Eleven
  16. Chapter Twelve
  17. Chapter Thirteen
  18. Chapter Fourteen
  19. Chapter Fifteen
  20. Chapter Sixteen
  21. Chapter Seventeen
  22. Chapter Eighteen
  23. Chapter Nineteen
  24. Chapter Twenty
  25. Chapter Twenty-one

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