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Wroblewski David

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle Оценка: 2.8 (12)
Genre: prose
Born mute, speaking only in sign, Edgar Sawtelle leads an idyllic life with his parents on their farm in remote northern Wisconsin. For generations, the Sawtelles have raised and trained a fictional breed of dog whose thoughtful companionship is epitomized by Almondine, Edgar`s lifelong friend and ally. But with the unexpected return of Claude, Edgar`s paternal uncle, turmoil consumes the Sawtelles` once peaceful home. When Edgar`s father dies suddenly, Claude insinuates himself into the life of the farm-and into Edgar`s mother`s affections.

Grief-stricken and bewildered, Edgar tries to prove Claude played a role in his father`s death, but his plan backfires-spectacularly. Forced to flee into the vast wilderness lying beyond the farm, Edgar comes of age in the wild, fighting for his survival and that of the three yearling dogs who follow him. But his need to face his father`s murderer and his devotion to the Sawtelle dogs turn Edgar ever homeward.

David Wroblewski is a master storyteller, and his breathtaking scenes-the elemental north woods, the sweep of seasons, an iconic American barn, a fateful vision rendered in the falling rain-create a riveting family saga, a brilliant exploration of the limits of language, and a compulsively readable modern classic.

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  1. David Wroblewski The Story of Edgar Sawtelle
  2. Prologue
  4. A Handful of Leaves
  5. Almondine
  6. Signs
  7. Edgar
  8. Every Nook and Cranny
  9. The Stray
  10. The Litter
  11. Essence
  12. A Thin Sigh
  13. Storm
  15. Funeral
  16. The Letters from Fortunate Fields
  17. Lessons and Dreams
  18. Almondine
  19. The Fight
  20. Epi ’s Stand
  21. Courtship
  22. In the Rain
  24. Awakening
  25. Smoke
  26. Hangman
  27. A Way to Know for Sure
  28. Driving Lesson
  29. Trudy
  30. Popcorn Corners
  31. The Texan
  33. Flight
  34. Pirates
  35. Outside Lute
  36. Henry
  37. Ordinary
  38. Engine No. 6615
  39. Glen Papineau
  40. Wind
  41. Return
  42. Almondine
  43. Part V.POISON
  44. Edgar
  45. Trudy
  46. Edgar
  47. Glen Papineau
  48. Edgar
  49. Trudy
  50. Edgar
  51. Glen Papineau
  52. Edgar
  53. Trudy
  54. Edgar
  55. Claude
  56. Edgar
  57. Claude
  58. Edgar
  59. Claude
  60. Trudy
  61. The Sawtelle Dogs
  62. Acknowledgments
  63. About the Author

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