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Hughes Declan

The Color of Blood

The Color of Blood Genre: thriller
Still adjusting to being back on Irish soil, PI Ed Loy finds himself caught up in a deadly web of lies, betrayals and shrouded histories. Shane Howard, a respected dentist from the venerable Howard medical family of Dublin, asks Loy to search for his missing daughter. The only information available is a set of pictures portraying nineteen-year-old Emily in a series of very compromising positions.Seems like a pretty easy case to Loy & until people start dying. The very same day that Loy meets Howard, Emily`s mother and ex-boyfriend are brutally stabbed to death. But that`s only the beginning.Loy discovers that the Howard family is not all that it seems. For years their name has stood for progress and improvement within Dublin`s medical community, but that is only what`s on the surface. The true legacy of the Howards is one of scandalous secrets, the type that are best left unearthed. Against his better judgment, Loy is drawn into the very center of the Howards` sordid family history, and what he finds could ruin more than reputations.In The Color of Blood, Declan Hughes once again brings the city of Dublin to life in all its gritty glory. The dark realities of the streets converge with the lethal secrets of the past in a sinister and graphic thriller that will have readers on edge right up to its shocking conclusion.

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  1. Declan Hughes The Color of Blood
  2. A Novel of Suspense
  3. Part One. HALLOWEEN
  4. One
  5. Two
  6. Three
  7. Four
  8. Five
  9. Six
  10. Seven
  11. Eight
  12. Nine
  13. Ten
  14. Part Two. ALL SAINTS ’ DAY
  15. Eleven
  16. Twelve
  17. Thirteen
  18. Fourteen
  19. Fifteen
  20. Sixteen
  21. Seventeen
  22. Eighteen
  23. Nineteen
  24. Twenty
  25. Part Three. ALL SOULS ’ DAY
  26. Twenty-one
  27. Twenty-two
  28. Twenty-three
  29. Twenty-four
  30. Twenty-five
  31. Twenty-six
  32. Twenty-seven
  33. Twenty-eight
  34. Twenty-nine
  35. Thirty
  36. About the Author

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