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Stross Charles

Missile Gap

Missile Gap Genre: fantasy
In this weird little alternative history novella, acclaimed futurist Charles Stross takes the familiar clashes of the Cold War and stretches and warps them to fit a flattened Earth where the emergence of new continents incites competitive colonization efforts from the Americans and Soviets. When the colonists encounter 1,000-year-old radioactive ruins and poisonous termite-like creatures that exhibit eerie degrees of intelligence, the true nature of their changed world slowly becomes clear. The result is a blend of 1900s H.G. Wells and 1970s propaganda, updated for the 21st century in the clear, chilly and fashionably cynical style that lets Stross get away with premises that would be absurdly cheesy in anyone else s hands.
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  1. Missile Gap by Charles Stross
  2. Chapter One: Bomb Scare
  3. Chapter Two: Voyage
  4. Chapter Three: Boldly Go
  5. Chapter Four: Committee Process
  6. Chapter Five: Cannon-Fodder
  7. Chapter Six: Captains Log
  8. Chapter Seven: Discography
  9. Chapter Eight: Tenure Track
  10. Chapter Nine: On the Beach
  11. Chapter Ten: Been Here Before
  12. Chapter Eleven: Collecting Jar
  13. Chapter Twelve: Homeward Bound
  14. Chapter Thirteen: Last Supper
  15. Chapter Fourteen: Poor Prognosis
  16. Chapter Fifteen: Rushmore
  17. Chapter Sixteen: Anthropic Error
  18. Chapter Seventeen: Its Always October the First

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