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Make Winning a Habit

Make Winning a Habit : 3.3 (15)
Genre: business
A master of the complex sale and a bestselling author, Rick Page is also one of the most experienced sales consultants and trainers in the world. Make Winning A Habit defines the gap between what companies know to do and how they consistently perform.

Page clearly identifies five Ts  of transformation: Talent, Technique, Teamwork, Technology and Trust. These five elements, when fully developed and integrated into the sales and marketing organization, begin to create the habit of winning over customers in every industry. Stories of successes-and failures-from members of prominent companies help you apply the five Ts  to your company`s culture, and point the way to more effective plans for motivating employees, building and coaching winning teams, and improving hiring processes.

Then, with the use of Page`s assessment scorecard, you can compare your company with some of the strategies and practices of the best sales forces in the world. Designed to gauge your organization`s effectiveness and further develop breakthrough sales growth, this scorecard highlights your strengths and weaknesses, helping you bridge the gap between where you are and where you need to be.

You`ll also learn about:

The Deadly Dozen  (pains sales managers feel today) and how they can kill business

A ten-point process for identifying and hiring nothing less than A  players

The 8 ates  of managing strategic accounts and how they will maximize revenue and elevate relationships

How to identify and correct the six most common areas of poor individual sales performance

With Make Winning A Habit, you`ll discover the obstacles between you and the consistent sales performance you can achieve-and find the tools to not only make success a habit, but one that will keep growing with your business.
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  1. Introduction
  4. How Good Do We Need to Be? How Good Is Good?
  5. So What Are the Answers?
  6. The Evolution of Sales Processes: The Last Four Decades From Fighting Alligators to Draining the Swamp
  7. CHAPTER 2: Pathway to Perpetual Advantage
  8. Without Vision, the People Perish
  9. Buying Time for Change Setting Management Expectations
  10. Setting Priorities
  11. Eight Steps to Sales Transformation
  12. CHAPTER 3: Defining the Scorecard
  13. Introduction to Sales Effectiveness Best Practices: The Five T s of Transformation
  14. Four Levels of Sales Strategy
  15. Sales Effectiveness Scorecard
  16. SECTION II: Talent
  17. CHAPTER 4: Talent
  18. Hire Ahead to Get Ahead
  19. Written Profiles Sight Picture of Success
  20. Cost of a Bad Hire
  21. Page s 10 Ps Profile of Successful Hiring
  22. SECTION III: Technique
  23. CHAPTER 5: Technique
  24. R.A.D.A.R. : The Six Ps of Opportunity ManagementSummary
  25. T.E.A.M.: The Eight Ates of Managing Strategic Accounts
  28. Refinements and Advancements
  29. Defining Your Best Practices Sales Cycle
  30. Forecasting Is Now Strategic
  31. SECTION IV: Teamwork
  32. CHAPTER 6: Teamwork
  33. Team Selling
  34. Strategy Sessions When Do You Want the Bad News? Who Do You Want It From?
  35. SECTION V: Technology
  36. CHAPTER 7: Technology
  37. CRM Relationships, Where Art Thou?
  38. CRM: Cost-Reduction Management
  39. Field Sales Forces Served Last
  40. Tools for the Individual Salesperson
  41. Technology-Assisted Opportunity Coaching
  42. Stop Flogging the Forecast Start Coaching to Win
  43. Pipeline versus Forecast
  44. Competetive Intelligence Technologies
  45. Tools for Account Management
  46. New Research Tools
  47. Benchmarks for Pain Creation
  48. Obstacles to Effective Account Management
  49. Closing the Gap between Marketing and Sales
  50. Hey, Marketing Salespeople Are Your Customers, Too
  51. SECTION VI: Trust
  52. CHAPTER 8: Trust
  53. It Starts with the Heart
  54. SECTION VII: Transformation
  55. CHAPTER 9: Transformation Making It Stick
  56. How Salespeople Learn: C.A.S.H. Learning Model
  57. Making It Stick
  58. On to the Fourth Generation: Perpetual Advantage
  59. Perpetual Advantage Competetive Cycle Speed Get Ahead and Stay Ahead
  60. Summary: Trail Map to Transformation
  61. Appendix-Review
  62. R.A.D.A.R. Six P s of Winning a Complex Sale
  63. Link Solutions to Pain
  64. Qualify the Prospect
  65. Build Competitive Preference
  66. Determine the Decision-Making Process
  67. Sell to Power
  68. Develop and Communicate the Plan
  69. Bibliography
  70. The Complex Sale, Inc.
  71. Footnotes

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