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Parker Ingrid

Rashomon Gate - A Mystery of Ancient Japan

Rashomon Gate - A Mystery of Ancient Japan Оценка: 4.5 (2)
Genre: historical detective
A riveting historical mystery the second in the Akitada series set amid the exquisite ritual and refined treachery of eleventh century Japan

From the author of The Dragon Scroll comes an ingenious new novel of murder and malfeasance in ancient Japan, featuring the detective Sugawara Akitada. The son of reduced nobility forced to toil in the Ministry of Justice, Akitada is relieved when an old friend, Professor Hirata, asks him to investigate a friend`s blackmail. Taking a post at the Imperial University, he is soon sidetracked from his primary case by the murder of a young girl and the mysterious disappearance of an old man a disappearance that the Emperor himself declares a miracle. Rashomon Gate is a mystery of magnificent complexity and historical detail that will leave readers yearning for more.
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  1. Ingrid J Parker Rashomon Gate – A Mystery of Ancient Japan
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Characters
  7. Preface
  8. Prologue. Rashomon
  9. One. The Wisteria Arbor
  10. Two. The ImperialUniversity
  11. Three. Rabbit
  12. Four. Scholars and Others
  13. Five. Death in the SpringGarden
  14. Six. The Kamo Procession
  15. Seven. The Willow Quarter
  16. Eight. The Poetry Contest
  17. Nine. Tear-Drenched Sleeves
  18. Ten. Kites
  19. Eleven. The Sacrilege
  20. Twelve. The Umbrella Makers House
  21. Thirteen. The Princely Monk
  22. Fourteen. Gate of Death
  23. Fifteen. The Ghostly Mansion
  24. Sixteen. Roasted Walnuts
  25. Seventeen. The Brocade Sash
  26. Nineteen. The Truth Within
  27. Twenty. Charred Embers
  28. Twenty-one. The Wisteria Branch
  29. Twenty-two. Storm Warning
  30. Twenty-three. Fresh Shoots
  31. Historical Note

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