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Pendleton Don

Battle Mask

Battle Mask Genre: action
War hero Mack Bolan, wearing a new Sicilian-style face fashioned for him by a plastic surgeon and ex-war buddy, infiltrates the inner family of the Mafia. Aided by the head mans beautiful daughter, Bolan almost becomes son-in-law and heir-apparent to the powerful Di George West Coast empire. Still hunted by police and mafiosi alike, with a $100,000 price tag on his head, the Executioner evades all the dragnets and strikes a crippling blow against the 'invincible' underground organization before his identity is uncovered and he disappears — to fight another day.

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  1. Don Pendleton Battle Mask
  2. Prologue
  3. Chapter One Flushed
  4. Chapter Two Flight
  5. Chapter Three The horizon
  6. Chapter Four Designs
  7. Chapter Five The plastics man
  8. Chapter Six The balance
  9. Chapter Seven Lous crew
  10. Chapter Eight The hit
  11. Chapter Nine The imbalance
  12. Chapter Ten The Lambretta mask
  13. Chapter Eleven The cover
  14. Chapter Twelve Thin blood
  15. Chapter Thirteen Charisma
  16. Chapter Fourteen The pointer
  17. Chapter Fifteen Inquest
  18. Chapter Sixteen The contract
  19. Chapter Seventeen Man on ice
  20. Chapter Eighteen The interrogation
  21. Chapter Nineteen The hit
  22. Chapter Twenty Between horizons
  23. Chapter Twenty-One The squeeze
  24. Chapter Twenty-Two The enforcer
  25. Chapter Twenty-Three Blood springs

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