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Pendleton Don

Assault on Soho

Assault on Soho Genre: action
Mack Bolan, Americas one-man army, rocks London in his war on the Mafia.

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  1. Don Pendleton Assault on Soho
  2. Prologue
  3. Chapter One Reception at Dover
  4. Chapter Two Museum De Sade
  5. Chapter Three Death in the spot
  6. Chapter Four The closing jungle
  7. Chapter Five The running tide
  8. Chapter Six Crisis
  9. Chapter Seven Counterpoint
  10. Chapter Eight Psyched in
  11. Chapter Nine Trap play
  12. Chapter Ten The cell
  13. Chapter Eleven The prisoner
  14. Chapter Twelve The interrogation
  15. Chapter Thirteen The meet
  16. Chapter Fourteen The pact
  17. Chapter Fifteen Double duplicity
  18. Chapter Sixteen Proofs and symbols
  19. Chapter Seventeen The ravens
  20. Chapter Eighteen Showdown at De Sade
  21. Epilogue

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