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Pendleton Don

Death Squad

Death Squad Serie: The Executioner
Genre: action
The dreaded Black Hand has let out a $100,000 contract on Bolan's life, and every trigger-happy gunman in the country is trying to collect. At the same time, local, state, and federal police forces have banded together in the greatest manhunt in history to stop Bolan.
Fired with a holy vengeance, Bolan recruits nine buddies — all heroes of the Vietnam war, all specialists in the more sophisticated aspects of meting out death.

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  1. Don Pendleton Death Squad
  2. Prologue
  3. Chapter One The game
  4. Chapter Two The Death Squad
  5. Chapter Three The Soft Probe
  6. Chapter Four Hardcase
  7. Chapter Five The Track
  8. Chapter Six The Ambush at the Buttes
  9. Chapter Seven Face to Face
  10. Chapter Eight The Borning Dead
  11. Chapter Nine One Little Indian
  12. Chapter Ten The Soft Sell
  13. Chapter Eleven Sneak Preview
  14. Chapter Twelve The Squeeze
  15. Chapter Thirteen The Council
  16. Chapter Fourteen Beverly Hell
  17. Chapter Fifteen Grand Slam
  18. Chapter Sixteen The Reverse Walk

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