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Pendleton Don + Stivers Dick

Texas Showdown

Texas Showdown Оценка: 5.0 (1)
Serie: Able Team
Genre: action
A power-hungry Texas billionaire was planning to stage a revolution in Mexico. But the FBI and CIA knew only that their agents, sent to infiltrate his mysterious strike force of elite mercs, had suffered horrible deaths.
The president's decision — send in Able Team!
Breaking through the high security of the crazen Texan's base, Bolan's reborn Death Squad begins a blitzing series of combat events that bring them into the very hellheart of the drug wars of Bolivia and the Caribbean — and the sex war of the billionaire's Mexican debutante wife.
Surrounded by assassination, betrayal, and revenge, Gadgets Schwarz, Pol Blancanales and Carl Lyons must not fail — only they can stop open war between the United States and Mexico.
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  1. Don Pendleton & Dick Stivers Texas Showdown
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