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Weber David

The Universe of Honor Harrington

The Universe of Honor Harrington Оценка: 5.0 (1)
Serie: More Than Honor
Genre: space fantasy
This appendix sketches in some of the salient points of the galaxy into which Honor was born… and which she, willingly or not, was to play a major part in changing forever.
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  1. David Weber The Universe of Honor Harrington
  2. (1) Background (General)
  3. (2) Warshawski Sail Logistics
  4. (3) The Mechanics of the Diaspora
  5. (4) The Star Kingdom of Manticore
  6. (A) Founding and Early History
  7. (B) Manticoran Time-Keeping:
  8. (C) The House of Winton:
  9. (D) Manticoran Domestic Politics:
  10. (5) The Manticoran Wormhole Junction
  11. (A) General Wormhole Mechanics:
  12. (B) The Manticore Junction:
  13. (6) Planets of the Star Kingdom of Manticore
  14. (7) Interstellar Politics and Imperialism
  15. (A) Emergence of Multi-System Polities:
  16. (B) The Solarian League:
  17. (C) The Peoples Republic of Haven:

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