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Weber David

War Of Honor

War Of Honor Оценка: 4.5 (4)
Serie: Honor Harrington
Genre: fantasy, space fantasy
Thomas Theisman didn't. After risking his life and a fresh round of civil war to overthrow the Committee of Public Safety's reign of terror and restore the Republic of Haven's ancient Constitution, an interstellar war was the last thing he wanted.
Baron High Ridge didn't. The Prime Minister of Manticore was perfectly happy with the war he had. No one was shooting anyone else at the moment, and as long as he could spin out negotiations on the formal treaty of peace, his government could continue to milk all those 'hostilities only' tax measures for their own partisan projects.
His Imperial Majesty Gustav didn't. Now that the fighting between the Star Kingdom and the Havenites had ended, the Andermani Emperor had his own plans for Silesia, and he was confident he could achieve them without a war of his own.
Protector Benjamin didn't. His people had made too deep a commitment to the Manticoran Alliance, in blood as well as treasure, for him to want to risk seeing it all thrown away.
And Honor Harrington certainly didn't. The 'Salamander' had seen the inside of too many furnaces already, knew too much about how much war cost.
Unfortunately, what they wanted didn't matter...
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  1. David Weber War Of Honor
  2. Prologue
  3. Chapter One
  4. Chapter Two
  5. Chapter Tree
  6. Chapter Four
  7. Chapter Five
  8. Chapter Six
  9. Chapter Seven
  10. Chapter Eight
  11. Chapter Nine
  12. Chapter Ten
  13. Chapter Eleven
  14. Chapter Twelve
  15. Chapter Thirteen
  16. Chapter Fourteen
  17. Chapter Fifteen
  18. Chapter Sixteen
  19. Chapter Seventeen
  20. Chapter Eighteen
  21. Chapter Nineteen
  22. Chapter Twenty
  23. Chapter Twenty One
  24. Chapter Twenty Two
  25. Chapter Twenty Three
  26. Chapter Twenty Four
  27. Chapter Twenty Five
  28. Chapter Twenty Six
  29. Chapter Twenty Seven
  30. Chapter Twenty Eight
  31. Chapter Twenty Nine
  32. Chapter Thirty
  33. Chapter Thirty One
  34. Chapter Thirty Two
  35. Chapter Thirty Three
  36. Chapter Thirty Four
  37. Chapter Thirty Five
  38. Chapter Thirty Six
  39. Chapter Thirty Seven
  40. Chapter Thirty Eight
  41. Chapter Thirty Nine
  42. Chapter Forty
  43. Chapter Forty One
  44. Chapter Forty Two
  45. Chapter Forty Three
  46. Chapter Forty Four
  47. Chapter Forty Five
  48. Chapter Forty Six
  49. Chapter Forty Seven
  50. Chapter Forty Eight
  51. Chapter Forty Nine
  52. Chapter Fifty
  53. Chapter Fifty One
  54. Chapter Fifty Two
  55. Chapter Fifty Three
  56. Chapter Fifty Four
  57. Chapter Fifty Five
  58. Chapter Fifty Six
  59. Chapter Fifty Seven
  60. Chapter Fifty Eight
  61. Chapter Fifty Nine

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