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Wrede Patricia

Calling on Dragons

Calling on Dragons Serie: Enchanted Forest
Genre: fantasy, heroic
Those wicked wizards are back and they've become very smart. (Sort of.) They intend to take over the Enchanted Forest once and for all . . . unless Cimorene finds a way to stop them. And some people think being queen is easy
Year: 1993 г.
Сборники: Sci-Fi and Fantasy
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  1. Calling on Dragons
  2. 1 In Which a Great Many Cats Express Opinions
  3. 2 In Which Morwen Encounters a Rabbit
  4. 3 In Which Morwen Makes a Discovery and Some Calls
  5. 4 In Which Morwen and Telemain Argue and Killer Discovers the Perils of Mixing Cosmetics and Magic
  6. 5 In Which the Plot Thickens
  7. 6 In Which the Plot Positively Curdles and the King of the Dragons Loses her Temper
  8. 7 In Which Killer Rises in the World
  9. 8 In Which Telemain Does a Spell and Morwen Misses a Call
  10. 9 In Which the Expedition Leaves the Enchanted Forest at Last
  11. 10 In Which Telemain Works Very Hard
  12. 11 In Which They Make an Unexpected Detour
  13. 12 Which Is Exceedingly Muddy
  14. 13 In Which They Make a New Acquaintance
  15. 14 In Which They Trade Stories
  16. 15 In Which They Have Difficulties with a Mirror
  17. 16 In Which They Learn Something Worth Knowing
  18. 17 In Which There Is Much Excitement
  19. 18 In Which They Concoct a Plan
  20. 19 In Which They Confront the Villains
  21. 20 In Which Disaster Strikes
  22. 21 In Which Nobody Is Satisfied
  23. EPILOGUE Which Hints at Things to Come

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