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Wrede Patricia

Searching for Dragons

Searching for Dragons Serie: Enchanted Forest
Genre: fantasy, heroic
Mendanbar, the King of the Enchanted Forest, plays hooky one day and goes for a stroll to the Green Glass pool. He finds a section of the forest destroyed apparently by dragons. Perturbed, Mendanbar visits Morwen for advice. Morwen counsels him to pay a visit to Kazul, the King of the Dragons. So Mendanbar retrieves his magical sword from the castle armory, and sets out for the Mountains of Morning but not before he is paid a suspicious visit by Zemenar, the Head Wizard of the Society of Wizards.

Mendanbar journeys to the cave of the King of the Dragons, only to find her away on a diplomatic trip. But he does meet Princess Cimorene (Dealing with Dragons), now Kazul's Chief Cook and Librarian. Cimorene admits that Kazul has been missing for days, and that she plans to go out in search of her. Mendanbar insists on accompanying the princess, with whom he finds himself very much taken.

The two set out in search of the missing Kazul. On the way, they visit two wacky giants, contend with a defective magic carpet, and help out a well-meaning but financially-broke dwarf with a brood of royal children. But there is danger on their trail for, once out of the Enchanted Forest, Mendanbar's magical sword starts leaking magic, attracting the attention of a horde of greedy wizards as well as an overly-inquisitive magician. And, as Mendanbar and Cimorene continue on their rescue mission, it becomes clear that Kazul's disappearance is linked with the Enchanted Forest. The Society of Wizards has invented a powerful new spell and Mendanbar's sword may be the key.
Year: 1991 г.
Сборники: Sci-Fi and Fantasy
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  1. Searching for Dragons
  2. 1 In Which the King of the Enchanted Forest Takes a Day Off
  3. 2 In Which Mendanbar Discovers a Problem
  4. 3 In Which Mendanbar Receives Some Advice from a Witch
  5. 4 In Which a Wizard Pays a Visit
  6. 5 In Which There Is a Misunderstanding and Mendanbar Does Some Plumbing
  7. 6 In Which Mendanbar and Cimorene Have a Long Talk and Mendanbar Reluctantly Decides to Embark on a Journey
  8. 7 In Which a Wizard Makes a Mess and the Journey Begins
  9. 8 In Which They Give Some Good Advice to a Giant
  10. 9 In Which They Discover the Perils of Borrowed Equipment
  11. 10 In Which Mendanbar Decides to Experiment
  12. 11 In Which Mendanbar and Cimorene Are Very Busy Something was wrong.
  13. 12 In Which Yet Another Wizard Tries to Cause Trouble
  14. 13 In Which They Return to the Enchanted Forest at Last
  15. 14 In Which Mendanbar Has Some Interesting Visitors
  16. 15 In Which Everyone Argues
  17. 16 In Which Mendanbar Cleans Up
  18. 17 In Which Mendanbar Grows Some Trees and Makes a Wicked Suggestion
  19. 18 In Which Willin Finally Gets to Arrange a Formal Celebration

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