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Wrede Patricia

Talking to Dragons

Talking to Dragons Оценка: 5.0 (1)
Serie: Enchanted Forest
Genre: fantasy, heroic
Daystar has lived all his life with his mother in a cottage on the edge of the Enchanted Forest. But when one day a wizard comes to his house, he is sent by his mother on a journey with some strange sword. Little does he know that this is the magic sword that belonged to the Rulers of the enchanted forest, and he is the rightful heir!
Year: 1994 г.
Сборники: Sci-Fi and Fantasy
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  1. Talking to Dragons
  2. 1 In Which Daystar Leaves Home and Encounters a Lizard
  3. 2 In Which Daystar Is Polite to a Bush and Makes a Friend
  4. 3 In Which They Meet a Wizard and Get Wet
  5. 4 In Which They Learn the Perils of Inspecting a Wizards Broken Staff
  6. 5 In Which They Meet a Witch
  7. 6 In Which Daystar Makes a Mistake
  8. 7 In Which There Is a Good Deal of Discussion
  9. 8 In Which They Meet Their First Dragon
  10. 9 In Which There Is a Fight, Sort of, and They Find Out Where They Are Going
  11. 10 In Which They Take a Shortcut and Run into an Obstacle
  12. 11 In Which a Lizard Suggests a Solution
  13. 12 In Which They Ask Many Questions
  14. 13 In Which They Learn the Difference Between a Wizard and a Magician
  15. 14 In Which the Dragon Has an Allergy Attack
  16. 15 In Which They Take a Chance
  17. 16 In Which Things Get Very Dark for a While
  18. 17 In Which They Get out of the Caves and into Even More Trouble
  19. 18 In Which the King of the Dragons Does Some Explaining
  20. 19 In Which the Battle Begins
  21. 20 In Which Daystar Uses His Sword
  22. 21 In Which the battle Ends and Antorell Makes Trouble Again
  23. 22 Which Contains an Engagement, a Feast, and a Happy Ending

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