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Pendleton Don

Caribbean Kill

Caribbean Kill Serie: The Executioner
Genre: action
Mack Bolan, the one-man war machine, bets his life against the Mafia forces of glittering Las Vegas... and theres no business like show business once The Executioner gets in the act!

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  1. Don Pendleton Caribbean Kill
  2. Prologue
  3. Chapter One Collision course
  4. Chapter Two The crown
  5. Chapter Three Home and the dead
  6. Chapter Four Game plan
  7. Chapter Five The purse
  8. Chapter Six The parallels
  9. Chapter Seven Fairyland
  10. Chapter Eight The choice
  11. Chapter Nine Paydirt
  12. Chapter Ten Soft sell
  13. Chapter Eleven Breakout
  14. Chapter Twelve The deal
  15. Chapter Thirteen Death brief
  16. Chapter Fourteen With the dawn
  17. Chapter Fifteen The biggee
  18. Epilogue

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