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Pendleton Don

California Hit

California Hit Оценка: 5.0 (1)
Serie: The Executioner
Genre: action
The sunny Golden Gate city finds out what the Executioner is all about when he explodes into their midst, hot on the trail of the inner enemy and 'Mr. King,' the behind-the-scenes boss of all that moves and breathes in the western states.

Bolans assault blazes a wide swath, zeroing in on the kingpins home base. A deadly Chinese Communist cell, some misled ecology freaks and a group of militant leftists all find themselves in danger of being burned by the swiftly racing torch of the Executioner. No one is going to stop him this time. No way.

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  1. Don Pendleton California Hit
  2. Prologue
  3. 1 Openers
  4. 2 War Zone
  5. 3 An Honest Shot
  6. 4 Friends and Enemies
  7. 5 Parameters for Combat
  8. 6 Point of Crisis
  9. 7 Tiger of the Hill
  10. 8 A Meeting of the Tigers
  11. 9 Wang Dang Doo
  12. 10 Able Team
  13. 11 Detente
  14. 12 Counterattack, Times Two
  15. 13 The Alliance
  16. 14 The Sell
  17. 15 The Save
  18. 16 Style
  19. 17 Leaning Together
  20. Epilogue

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