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Weber David + Flint Eric

Changer of Worlds

Changer of Worlds : 5.0 (1)
Serie: More Than Honor
Genre: fantasy
Welcome Again to the Many Worlds of Honor.

Lady Dame Honor Harringtonstarship captain, admiral, Steadholder, and Duchesshas spent decades defending the Star Kingdom of Manticore against all comers. Along the way, she has become the legend known as the Salamander from her habit of always being where the fire is hottest and also a national bestseller (Ashes of Victory: #7, The Wall Street Journal).
But its a big universe, and Honors actions affect a lot of lives, not all of them human. And their actions affect hera lesson Ms. Midshipwoman Harrington learns years before rising to command rank, when a desperate battle against pirates who arent quite what they seem begins her brilliant career.
Closer to home, in Changer of Worlds, a secret that the alien treecats have kept from their human friends for hundreds of years is about to come out and completely change the relationship between the two species forever.
Meanwhile, Eric Flint weighs in with From the Highlands. Honor cant be everywhere, so when the Peoples Republic of Haven tries to stage a political assassination on Earth, Anton Zilwickihusband of one of the Star Kingdoms most revered military martyrs, and father of a young woman who is clearly a chip off the old blocksteps into the breach and takes the opportunity to settle some old scores along the way.
And finally, Esther McQueen and Oscar Saint-Just square off for their final confrontation in Noveau Paris in Nightfall.
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  1. Changer of Worlds
  2. Ms. Midshipwoman Harrington by David Weber
  3. Changer of Worlds by David Weber
  4. From the Highlands by Eric Flint
  5. The First Day
  6. Helen
  7. Victor
  8. The admiral and the ambassador
  9. Anton
  10. The Second Day
  11. Helen
  12. Victor
  13. Anton
  14. Victor
  15. Helen
  16. Anton
  17. Victor
  18. The Scrag
  19. Victor
  20. The Third Day
  21. Helen
  22. Victor
  23. Anton
  24. The Fourth Day
  25. Helen
  26. The Lady Catherine Montaigne, Countess of the Tor
  27. Helen
  28. Cathy
  29. Anton
  30. Cathy
  31. Helen
  32. Cathy
  33. The Fifth Day
  34. Helen
  35. Kevin
  36. Durkheim
  37. Helen
  38. Durkheim
  39. Anton
  40. Helen
  41. The Sixth Day
  42. Victor
  43. Anton
  44. Helen
  45. Victor
  46. Jeremy
  47. Rafe
  48. Thereafter
  49. The admiral and the ambassador
  50. Victor
  51. Helen
  52. Nightfall by David Weber

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