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Wrede Patricia

Dealing with Dragons

Dealing with Dragons Оценка: 5.0 (2)
Serie: Enchanted Forest
Genre: fantasy, heroic
Tired of the boring and stereotypical life, Princess Cimorene escapes from a marriage with an empty-headed prince and goes to live with the dragons in the Mountains of Morning. Upon arrival, the spunky princess makes friends with her dragon, Kazul, as well as other people such as the Princess Alianora and the Witch Morwen. She settles into an enjoyable new life and executes her duties as a dragon's princess perfectly. The smart Cimorene soon notices that the sly wizards have been up to no good, and sure enough the King of the Dragons is poisoned, and a dragon is cooperating with the wizards! It's now up to Cimorene and her new friends to prevent the new trials for a King from being rigged and catch the cheating culprit!!
Year: 1990 г.
Сборники: Sci-Fi and Fantasy
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  1. Dealing with Dragons
  2. 1 In Which Cimorene Refuses to Be Proper and Has a Conversation with a Frog
  3. 2 In Which Cimorene Discovers the Value of a Classical Education and Has Some Unwelcome Visitors
  4. 3 In Which Cimorene Meets a Witch and Has Doubts about a Wizard
  5. 4 In Which Kazul Has a Dinner Party, and Cimorene Makes Dessert
  6. 5 In Which Cimorene Receives a Formal Call from Her Companions in Dire Captivity
  7. 6 In Which the Wizards Do Some Snooping, and Cimorene Snoops Back
  8. 7 In Which Cimorene and Kazul Make a Journey Underground
  9. 8 In Which Cimorene and Kazul Pay a Call, and Cimorene Gets into a Fight
  10. 9 In Which Therandil Is a Dreadful Nuisance, and Cimorene Casts a Spell
  11. 10 In Which Cimorene and Alianora Conduct Some Tests and Disturb a Wizard
  12. 11 In Which Kazul Is Unwell, and Cimorene Makes a New Acquaintance
  13. 12 In Which Cimorene Calls on a Dragon, and the Stone Prince Discovers a Plot
  14. 13 In Which Alianora Discovers an Unexpected Use for Soap and Water, and Cimorene Has Difficulty with a Dragon
  15. 14 In Which the Wizards Try to Make Trouble, and Cimorene Does Something about It
  16. 15 In Which the Dragons Crown a New King, and Cimorene Gets a New Job

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