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Hobb Robin

Ship of Magic

Ship of Magic Оценка: 5.0 (1)
Serie: The Liveship Traders Trilogy
Genre: heroic
Not far from the Six Duchies lies Bingtown, hub of exotic trade and home to a merchant nobility famed for its liveships– rare vessels carved from wizardwood, which ripens magically into sentient awareness. Bingtown's Old Traders, their wealth eroded by northern wars and the rapacity of southern pirates, now face an influx of upstart merchants who bring change to a complex society.
The Vestrit family's only hope of renewed prosperity is the Vivacia, a liveship they have nurtured for three generations. Now, as old Captain Vestrit lies dying in Bingtown, the Vivacia cuts homeward through the waves, about to quicken into a living being. The ship carries Vestrit's daughter Althea and the conniving son-in-law he has named as the Vivacia s next captain.
But lovely, wild-spirited Althea, sailing the Vivacia with her father since childhood and sharing its half-awakened memories and ocean secrets, has bonded with the ship in her deepest soul. Joined by Brashen-her father's first mate, now demoted by the Vivacia's new commander-she will stop at nothing in a bitter quest to claim its captaincy.
Meanwhile, in the rocky cays known as the Pirate Isles, a ruthless man lusts after his own kind of power. The pirate captain Kennit, in his scheme to be king of this outlaw realm, has vowed that he will wrest a liveship from its owners and turn it to his own use. His twisted ambition will bring him into a strange partnership with a boy-priest turned seaman-and into violent conflict with the wizardwood magic of Althea and Brashen.
From the peculiar magic realm of the Others to the bawdy, raucous lair of the pirates, Ship of Magic sweeps a dazzling cast of characters into an epic of terrible beauty and mysterious sorcery.
Year: 1998 г.

hide Table of Contents

  1. Robin Hobb SHIP OF MAGIC
  2. PROLOGUE The Tangle
  4. Chapter One Of Priests And Pirates
  5. Chapter Two Liveships
  6. Chapter Three Ephron Vestrit
  7. Chapter Four Divvytown
  8. Chapter Five Bingtown
  9. Chapter Six The Quickening Of The Vivacia
  10. Chapter Seven Loyalties
  11. Chapter Eight Night Conversations
  12. Chapter Nine A Change Of Fortunes
  13. Chapter Ten Confrontations
  14. Chapter Eleven Consequences And Reflections
  15. Chapter Twelve Of Derelicts And Slaveships
  16. Chapter Thirteen Transitions
  17. Chapter Fourteen Family Matters
  18. Chapter Fifteen Negotiations
  19. AUTUMN
  20. Chapter Sixteen New Roles
  21. Chapter Seventeen KennitS Whore
  22. Chapter Eighteen Malta
  23. Chapter Nineteen Testimony
  24. WINTER
  25. Chapter Twenty Crimpers
  26. Chapter Twenty-One Visitors
  27. Chapter Twenty-Two Plots And Perils
  28. Chapter Twenty-Three Jamaillia Slavers
  29. Chapter Twenty-Four Rain Wild Traders
  30. Chapter Twenty-Five Candletown
  31. Chapter Twenty-Six Gifts
  32. Chapter Twenty-Seven Prisoners
  33. Chapter Twenty-Eight Vicissitudes
  34. Chapter Twenty-Nine Dreams And Reality
  35. Chapter Thirty Defiance And Alliance
  36. Chapter Thirty-One Ships And Serpents
  37. Chapter Thirty-Two Storm
  38. Chapter Thirty-Three Day Of Reckoning
  39. Chapter Thirty-Four Restorations
  40. Chapter Thirty-Five Pirates And Captives
  41. Chapter Thirty-Six She Who Remembers

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