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Eco Umberto

The Mysterious Flame Of Queen Loana

The Mysterious Flame Of Queen Loana Оценка: 3.4 (29)
Genre: historical detective
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  1. Umberto Eco The Mysterious Flame Of Queen Loana
  2. Part One. THE INCIDENT 1. The Cruelest Month
  3. 2. The Murmur of Mulberry Leaves
  4. 3. Someone May Pluck Your Flower
  5. 4. Alone through City Streets I Go
  6. Part Two. PAPER MEMORY 5. Clarabelle ’s Treasure
  7. 6. Il Nuovissimo Melzi
  8. 7. Eight Days in an Attic
  9. 8. When the Radio
  10. 9. But Pippo Doesn ’t Know
  11. 10. The Alchemist ’s Tower
  12. 11. Up There at Capocabana
  13. 12. Blue Skies Are on the Way
  14. 13. The Pallid Little Maiden
  15. 14. The Hotel of the Three Roses
  16. Part Three. OI NOZTOI 15. You ’re Back at Last, Friend Mist!
  17. 16. The Wind Is Whistling
  18. 17. The Provident Young Man
  19. 18. Lovely Thou Art as the Sun
  20. Sources of Citations and Illustrations
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