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Pierre DBC

Vernon God Little

Vernon God Little Оценка: 4.4 (29)
Genre: prose
The Man Booker Prize Winner 2003

When sixteen kids are shot on high school grounds, everyone looks for someone to blame. Meet Vernon Little, under arrest at the sheriff's office, a teenager wearing nothing but yesterday's underwear and his prized logo sneakers. Moments after the shooter, his best buddy, turns the gun on himself, Vernon is pinned as an accomplice. Out for revenge are the townspeople, the cable news networks, and Deputy Vaine Gurie, a woman whose zeal for the Pritikin diet is eclipsed only by her appetite for barbecued ribs from the Bar-B-Chew Barn. So Vernon does what any red-blooded American teenager would do; he takes off for Mexico.

Vernon God Little is a provocatively satirical, riotously funny look at violence, materialism, and the American media.
Year: 2003 г.
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  1. DBC Pierre Vernon God Little
  2. Act I Shit happened
  3. one
  4. two
  5. three
  6. four
  7. five
  8. six
  9. Act II How I spent my summer vacation
  10. seven
  11. eight
  12. nine
  13. ten
  14. eleven
  15. twelve
  16. thirteen
  17. Act III Against all odds
  18. fourteen
  19. fifteen
  20. sixteen
  21. seventeen
  22. eighteen
  23. Act IV How my summer vacation spent me
  24. nineteen
  25. twenty
  26. twenty-one
  27. twenty-two
  28. Act V Me ves y sufres
  29. twenty-three
  30. twenty-four
  31. twenty-five
  32. twenty-six
  33. twenty-seven
  34. Acknowledgements
  35. About the Author

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