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Pearl Matthew

The Dante Club

The Dante Club Оценка: 4.7 (39)
Genre: historical detective
In 1865 Boston, the literary geniuses of the Dante Club poets and Harvard professors Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes, and James Russell Lowell, along with publisher J. T. Fields are finishing America s first translation of The Divine Comedy and preparing to unveil Dante s remarkable visions to the New World. The powerful Boston Brahmins at Harvard College are fighting to keep Dante in obscurity, believing that the infiltration of foreign superstitions into American minds will prove as corrupting as the immigrants arriving at Boston Harbor.

The members of the Dante Club fight to keep a sacred literary cause alive, but their plans fall apart when a series of murders erupts through Boston and Cambridge. Only this small group of scholars realizes that the gruesome killings are modeled on the descriptions of Hell s punishments from Dante s Inferno. With the lives of the Boston elite and Dante s literary future in America at stake, the Dante Club members must find the killer before the authorities discover their secret.

Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes and an outcast police officer named Nicholas Rey, the first black member of the Boston police department, must place their careers on the line to end the terror. Together, they discover that the source of the murders lies closer to home than they ever could have imagined.
Year: 2003 г.

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  1. Matthew Pearl The Dante Club
  2. Caution to the Reader
  3. A Preface by C. Lewis Watkins, Baker-Valerio Professor of the Civilization and Literature of Italy and Rhetorical Oration
  4. Lexington Boy ’s Insect Scare Sparks “Renewal”
  5. Canticle One
  6. I
  7. II
  8. III
  9. IV
  10. V
  11. VI
  12. VII
  13. Canticle Two
  14. VIII
  15. IX
  16. X
  17. XI
  18. XII
  19. XIII
  20. XIV
  21. Canticle Three
  22. XV
  23. XVI
  24. XVII
  25. XVIII
  26. XIX
  27. XX
  28. XXI
  29. Acknowledgments

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