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Pierce Meredith

Dark Moon

Dark Moon Serie: Firebringer Trilogy
Genre: heroic
He was the youngest prince the Unicorns had ever known: Aljan son-of-Korr, Dark Moon. A silver crescent on his brow and a white star on his heel were tokens that one day he was destined to become the legendary Firebringer, but Jan had no knowledge of fire or of where to find the magical, mystical stuff.

Swept out to sea during a savage attack by marauding gryphons, fierce winged eagle-cats who have long been enemes of the unicorns, Jan is washed up on a distant shore, only to find himself the revered captive of a strange race of two-foots who treat him with awe, even as they hold him against his will. It is here that he witnesses the magic of fire for the first time and, more important, discovers how he himself can create it. But can he escape and bring this knowledge back to the unicorns in time to save them?
Сборники: Sci-Fi and Fantasy
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hide Table of Contents

  1. Dark Moon Meredith Ann Pierce
  2. Before
  3. 1. Solstice
  4. 2. Summer
  5. 3. Storm
  6. 4. Search
  7. 5. Fever
  8. 6. Home
  9. 7. Firekeepers
  10. 8. Snowfall
  11. 9. Landfall
  12. 10. Companions
  13. 11. Moonbrow
  14. 12. Winterkill
  15. 13. Ryhenna
  16. 14. Wych ’s child
  17. 15. City of Fire
  18. 16. Swift Running
  19. 17. Nightmare
  20. 18. Magicker
  21. 19. Sweetmeal
  22. 20. Travail
  23. 21. Equinox
  24. 22. Moondark
  25. 23. Unicorns-of-the-Sea
  26. 24. Prince ’s Get
  27. 25. Enemies
  28. 26. Peacemaking
  29. 27. Return
  30. After

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