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Pratchett Terry

The Colour of Magic

The Colour of Magic : 4.6 (12)
Serie: Discworld
Genre: heroic
The Colour of Magic is Terry Pratchetts maiden voyage through the bizarre land of Discworld. His entertaining and witty series has grown to more than 20 books, and this is where it all startswith the tourist Twoflower and his hapless wizard guide, Rincewind (All wizards get like that its the quicksilver fumes. Rots their brains. Mushrooms, too.). Pratchett spoofs fantasy clichsand everything else he can think ofwhile marshalling a profusion of characters through a madcap adventure.

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  1. The Color of Magic by Terry Pratchett
  2. Prologue
  3. The Colour of Magic
  4. The Sending of Eight
  5. Prologue
  6. The Sending of Eight
  7. Traveller
  8. the hospitable temple of Bel-Shamharoth lies one thousand paces Hubwards
  9. The Lure of the Wyrm
  10. Close to the Edge
  11. The End

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