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Proulx Annie

The Shipping News

The Shipping News Оценка: 5.0 (1)
WINNER OF THE 1994 PULITZER PRIZE FOR FICTIONWINNER OF THE 1993 NATIONAL BOOK AWARD FOR FICTIONWINNER OF THE IRISH TIMES INTERNATIONAL FICTION PRIZENamed one of the notable books of the year by The New York TimesWinner of the Chicago Tribune Heartland Award Ms. Proulx blends Newfoundland argot, savage history, impressively diverse characters, fine descriptions of weather and scenery, and comic horseplay without ever lessening the reader s interest.  The Atlantic Vigorous, quirky & displays Ms. Proulx s surreal humor and her zest for the strange foibles of humanity.  Howard Norman, The New York Times Book Review An exciting, beautifully written novel of great feeling about hot people in the northern ice.  Grace Paley The Shipping News & is a wildly comic, heart-thumping romance & Here is a novel that gives us a hero for our times.  Sandra Scofield, The Washington Post Book World The reader is assaulted by a rich, down-in-the-dirt, up-in-the-skies prose full of portents, repetitions, hold metaphors, brusque dialogues and set pieces of great beauty.  Nicci Gerrard, The Observer (London) A funny-tragic Gothic tale, with a speed boat of a plot, overflowing with Black-comic characters. But it s also that contemporary rarity, a tale of redemption and healing, a celebration of the resilience of the human spirit, and most rare of all perhaps, a sweet and tender romance.  Sandra Gwynn, The Toronto Star

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  1. E. Annie Proulx The Shipping News
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. 1 Quoyle
  4. 2 Love Knot
  5. 3 Strangle Knot
  6. 4 Cast Away
  7. 5 A Rolling Hitch
  8. 6 Between Ships
  9. 7 The Gammy Bird
  10. 8 A Slippery Hitch
  11. 9 The Mooring Hitch
  12. 10 The Voyage of Nutbeem
  13. 11 A Breastpin of Human Hair
  14. 12 The Stern Wave
  15. 13 The Dutch Cringle
  16. 14 Wavey
  17. 15 The Upholstery Shop
  18. 16 Beety ’s Kitchen
  19. 17 The Shipping News
  20. 18 Lobster Pie
  21. 19 Good-bye, Buddy
  22. 20 Gaze Island
  23. 21 Poetic Navigation
  24. 22 Dogs and Cats
  25. 23 Maleficium
  26. 24 Berry Picking
  27. 25 Oil
  28. 26 Deadman
  29. 27 Newsroom
  30. 28 The Skater ’s Chain Grip
  31. 29 Alvin Yark
  32. 30 The Sun Clouded Over
  33. 31 Sometimes You Just Lose It
  34. 32 The Hairy Devil
  35. 33 The Cousin
  36. 34 Dressing Up
  37. 35 The Day ’s Work
  38. 36 Straitjacket
  39. 37 Slingstones
  40. 38 The Sled Dog Driver ’s Dream
  41. 39 Shining Hubcaps
  42. About E. Annie Proulx

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