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This shower will automatically deliver two 45-second sprays. Soap between sprays.

You are entitled to 1 use of the shower in each 3-day period.

Additional showers may be charged against your credit balance at the rate of: 45 seconds $5.

Does the hangover show?

Actually not. But I assume its there. I heard you coming in last night. In fact, she added thoughtfully, the whole tunnel heard you.

I winced. I could still smell myself, but most of it was apparently inside me. None of the others seemed to be edging away, not even Sheri.

The instructor stood up and studied us thoughtfully for a while. Oh, well, he said, and looked back at his papers. Then he shook his head. I wont take attendance, he said. I teach the course in how to run a Heechee ship. I noticed he had a batch of bracelets; I couldnt count them, but there were at least half a dozen. I wondered briefly about these people I kept seeing who had been out a lot of times and still werent rich. This is only one of the three courses you get. After this you get survival in unfamiliar environments, and then how to recognize whats valuable. But this one is in ship-handling, and the way were going to start learning it is by doing it. All of you come with me.

So we all got up and gaggled after him, out of the room, down a tunnel, onto the down-cable of a dropshaft and past the guards maybe the same ones who had chased me away the night before. This time they just nodded to the instructor and watched us go past. We wound up in a long, wide, low-ceilinged passage with about a dozen squared-off and stained metal cylinders sticking up out of the floor. They looked like charred tree stumps, and it was a moment before I realized what they were.

I gulped.

Theyre ships, I whispered to Sheri, louder than I intended. A couple of people looked at me curiously. One of them, I noticed, was a girl I had danced with the night before, the one with the dense black eyebrows. She nodded to me and smiled; I saw the bangles on her arm, and wondered what she was doing there and how she had done at the gambling tables.

The instructor gathered us around him, and said, As someone just said, these are Heechee ships. The lander part. This is the piece you go down to a planet in, if youre lucky enough to find a planet. They dont look very big, but five people can fit into each of those garbage cans you see. Not comfortably, exactly. But they can. Generally speaking, of course, youll always leave one person in the main ship, so therell be at most four in the lander.

He led us past the nearest of them, and we all satisfied the impulse to touch, scratch, or pat it. Then he began to lecture:

There were nine hundred and twenty-four of these ships docked at Gateway when it was first explored. About two hundred, so far, have proved nonoperational. Mostly we dont know why; they just dont work. Three hundred and four have actually been sent out on at least one trip. Thirty-three of those are here now, and available for prospecting trips. The others havent been tried yet. He hiked himself up on the stumpy cylinder and sat there while he went on:

One thing you have to decide is whether you want to take one of the thirty-three tested ones or one of the ones that has never been flown. By human beings, I mean. There you just pay your money and take your choice. Its a gamble either way. A high proportion of the trips that didnt come back were in first flights, so theres obviously some risk there. Well, that figures, doesnt it? After all, nobody has done any maintenance on them for God knows how long, since the Heechee put them there.

On the other hand, theres a risk in the ones that have been out and back safely, too. Theres no such thing as perpetual motion. We think some of the no-returns have been because the ships ran out of fuel. Trouble is, we dont know what the fuel is, or how much there is, or how to tell when a ship is about to run out.

He patted the stump. This, and all the others you see here, were designed for five Heechees in the crews. As far as we can tell. But we send them out with three human beings. It seems the Heechee were more tolerant of each others company in confined spaces than people are. There are bigger and smaller ships, but the no-return rate on them has been very bad the last couple of orbits. Its probably just a string of bad luck, but Anyway, I personally would stick with a Three. You people, you do what you want.

So you come to your second choice, which is who you go with. Keep your eyes open. Look for companions- What?

Sheri had been semaphoring her hand until she got his attention. You said very bad, she said. How bad is that?

The instructor said patiently, In the last fiscal orbit about three out of ten Fives came back. Those are the biggest ships. In several cases the crews were dead when we got them open, even so.

Yeah, said Sheri, thats very bad.

No, thats not bad at all, compared to the one-man ships. Two orbits ago we went a whole orbit and only two Ones came back at all. Thats bad.

Why is that? asked the father of the tunnel-rat family. Their name was Forehand. The instructor looked at him for a moment.

If you ever find out, he said, be sure and tell somebody. Now. As far as selecting a crew is concerned, youre better off if you can get somebody whos already been out. Maybe you can, maybe you cant. Prospectors who strike it rich generally quit; the ones that are still hungry may not want to break up their teams. So a lot of you fish are going to have to go out with other virgins. Umm. He looked around thoughtfully. Well, lets get our feet wet. Sort yourselves out into groups of three dont worry about whos in your group, this isnt where you pick your partners and climb into one of those open landers. Dont touch anything. Theyre supposed to be in deactive mode, but I have to tell you they dont always stay deactive. Just go in, climb down to the control cabin and wait for an instructor to join you.

That was the first Id heard that there were other instructors. I looked around, trying to work out which were teachers and which were fish, while he said, Are there any questions?

Sheri again. Yeah. Whats your name?

Did I forget that again? Im Jimmy Chou. Pleased to meet you all. Now lets go.

Now I know a lot more than my instructor did, including what happened to him half an orbit later poor old Jimmy Chou, he went out before I did, and came back while I was on my second trip, very dead. Flare burns, they say his eyes were boiled out of his bead. But at that time he knew it all, and it was all very strange and wonderful to me.

So we crawled into the funny elliptical hatch that let you slip between the thrusters and down into the landing capsule, and then down a peg-ladder one step further into the main vehicle itself.

We looked around, three Ali Babas staring at the treasure cave. We heard a scratching above us, and a head poked in. It had shaggy eyebrows and pretty eyes, and it belonged to the girl I had been dancing with the night before. Having fun? she inquired. We were clinging together as far from anything that looked movable as we could get, and I doubt we really looked at ease. Never mind, she said, just look around. Get familiar with it. Youll see a lot of it. That vertical line of wheels with the little spokes sticking out of them? Thats the target selector. Thats the most important thing not to touch for now maybe ever. That golden spiral thing over next to you there, the blond girl? Anybody want to guess what thats for?

You-there-blond-girl, who was one of the Forehand daughters, shrank away from it and shook her head. I shook mine, but Sheri hazarded, Could it be a hatrack?

Teacher squinted at it thoughtfully. Hmm. No, I dont think so, but I keep hoping one of you fish will know the answer. None of us here do. It gets hot sometimes in flight; nobody knows why. The toilets in there. Youre going to have a lot of fun with that. But it does work, after you learn how. You can sling your hammocks and sleep there or anywhere you want to, actually. That corner, and that recess are pretty dead space. If youre in a crew that wants some privacy, you can screen them off. A little bit, anyway.

Sheri said, Dont any of you people like to tell your names? Teacher grinned. Im Gelle-Klara Moynlin. You want to know the rest about me? Ive been out twice and didnt score, and Im killing time until the right trip comes along. So I work as assistant instructor.

How do you know which is the right trip? asked the Forehand girl.

Bright fellow, you. Good question. Thats another of those questions that I like to hear you ask, because it shows youre thinking, but if theres an answer I dont know what it is. Lets see. You already know this ship is a Three. Its done six round trips already, but its a reasonable bet that its got enough reserve fuel for a couple more. Id rather take it than a One. Thats for long-shot gamblers.

Mr. Chou said that, said the Forehand girl, but my father says hes been all through the records since Orbit One, and the Ones arent that bad.