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Chapter 12

I came back to my room one morning and found the P-phone whining faintly, like a distant, angry mosquito. I punched the message code and found that the assistant personnel director required my presence in her office at ten hundred hours that morning. Well, it was later than that already. I had formed the habit of spending a lot of time, and most nights, with Klara. Her pad was a lot more comfortable than mine. So I didnt get the message until nearly eleven, and my tardiness in getting to the Corporation personnel offices didnt help the assistant directors mood.

She was a very fat woman named Emma Fother. She brushed off my excuses and accused, You graduated your courses seventeen days ago. You havent done a thing since.

Im waiting for the right mission, I said.

How long are you going to wait? Your per capitas paid up for three more days, then what?

Well, I said, almost truthfully, I was going to come in to see you about that today anyway. Id like a job here on Gateway.

Pshaw. (Id never heard anyone say that before, but thats how it sounded.) Is that why you came to Gateway, to clean sewers?

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