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Chapter 5

Sigfrid is a pretty smart machine, but sometimes I cant figure out whats wrong with him. Hes always asking me to tell him my dreams. Then sometimes I come in all aglow with some dream Im positive hes going to love, a big-red-apple-for-the-teacher kind of dream, full of penis symbols and fetishism and guilt hang-ups, and he disappoints me. He takes off on some crazy track that has nothing at all to do with it. I tell him the whole thing, and then he sits and clicks and whirs and buzzes for a while he doesnt really, but I fantasize that while Im waiting and then he says:

Lets go back to something different, Rob. Im interested in some of the things youve said about the woman, Gelle-Klara Moynlin.

I say, Sigfrid, youre off on a wild-goose chase again.

I dont think so, Rob.

But that dream! My God, dont you see how important it is? What about the mother figure in it?

What about letting me do my job, Rob?

Do I have a choice? I say, feeling sulky.

You always have a choice, Rob, but I would like very much to quote to you something you said a while ago. And he stops, and I hear my own voice coming out of somewhere in his tapes. I am saying:

Sigfrid, theres an intensity of pain and guilt and misery there that I just cant handle.

He waits for me to say something.

After a moment I do. Thats a nice recording, I acknowledge, but Id rather talk about the way my mother fixation comes out in my dream.

I think it would be more productive to explore this other matter, Rob. It is possible theyre related.

Really? I am all warmed up to discuss this theoretical possibility in a detached and philosophical way, but he beats me to the punch:

The last conversation you had with Klara, Rob. Please tell me what you feel about it.

Ive told you. I am not enjoying this at all, it is such a waste of time, and I make sure he knows it by the tone of my voice and the tenseness of my body against the restraining straps. It was even worse than with my mother.

I know youd rather switch to talking about your mother, Rob, but please dont, right now. Tell me about that time with Klara. What are you feeling about it at this minute?

I try to think it out honestly. After all, I can do that much. I dont actually have to say it. But all I can find to say is, Not much.

After a little wait he says, Is that all, not much?

Thats it. Not much. Not much on the surface, anyway. I do remember how I was feeling at the time. I open up that memory, very cautiously, to see what it was like. Going down into that blue mist. Seeing the dim ghost star for the first time. Talking to Klara on the radio, while Dane is whispering in my ear I close it up again.

It all hurts, a lot, Sigfrid, I say conversationally. Sometimes I try to fool him by saying emotionally loaded things in the tone you might use to order a cup of coffee, but I dont think it works. Sigfrid listens to volume and overtones, but he also listens to breathing and pauses, as well as the sense of the words. He is extremely smart, considering how stupid he is.

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