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Vessel 3-184, Voyage O19D14O. Crew S. Kotsis, A. McCarthy, K. Metsuoko.

Transit time out 615 days 9 hours. No crew reports from destination. Spherical scan data inconclusive as to destination. No identifiable features.

No summary.

Extract from log: This is the 281st day out. Metsuoko lost the draw and suicided. Alicia voluntarily suicided 40 days later. We havent yet reached turnaround, so its all for nothing. The remaining rations are not going to be enough to support me, even if you include Alicia and Kenny, who are intact in the freezer. So I am putting everything on full automatic and taking the pills. We have all left letters. Please forward them as addressed, if this goddamned ship ever gets back.

Mission Plan filed proposal that a Five with double life-support rations and a one-person crew might be able to complete this mission and return successfully. Proposal tabled on grounds of low priority: no evident benefit from repeating this mission.

When we get where were going well be able to talk. Maybe even switch around to come back together. But meanwhile well both have a chance to think about what we really want.

The only words I seemed to know I seemed to be saying over and over again: But, Klara

She kissed me, and pushed me away. Rob, she said, dont be in such a hurry. Weve got all the time there is.

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