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Method of generating such time variant force fields including the steps of juxtaposing in fieldseries relation- 20 ship a stationary member of spin nude! material, and a member capable of assuming relative motion with respect to said stationary member also characterized by spin nuclei material; initiating relative motion by rotation of said ooe member with reject to the other, which rotational 26 motion may occur both about en nxb within the plane of said other member and about an axis perpendicular thereto; whereby the rotational motion of said one member about tbe axis perpendicular to the plane of said other member results in the dual interaction of tbe angular 30 momentum property of said one member with inertial space and also with respect to the angular momentum property of said other member thereby resulting in a dynamic interaction field arlung through gravitational -pliaf which dynamic interaction field h further character- 35 id by its nonebctrooagtotk nature and its mass-proximity and relative motion dependency; the rotation of said one member about the axis within the plane of said other member further resulting in an undulation of the dynamic Interaction field within said other member which In turn 40 gives rise to a secondary time-variant gravitational field in the surrounding space.

The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for generating a time-variant force field due to the relative motion of moving bodies; which force field ex* 45 hibits itself in tbe form of nn induced secondary gravitational force. As such, this invention constitutes a continuation-in-part of an application filed Nov. 4, 1968 by tbe same inventor, entitled Method and Apparatus for Generating a Dynamic Force Field and bearing Ser. No. 50 773,116.

In the practice of the present invention it has been found that when bodies composed of certain material arc placed in relative motion with respect to one another there is generated an energy field therein not heretofore observed. w This field Is not electromagnetic in nature; being by theoretical prediction related to the gravitation*! coupling of relatively moving bodies.

Tlic initial evidence indicates that this noneketromag-nette field is generated as a result of the relative motion 00 of bodies constituted of elements whose nuclei are characterized by half integral spin values, tbe spin of the nuclei being associated with the net angular momentum of the uocleone thereof. The nucleons in turn comprise the elemental particles of lire nucleus; l.c., the neutrons and 03 protons. For purpoies of the present invention the field, generated by the relative motion of raalcriab characterized by a half integral spin value, is referred to as a **kincmaa-ste" force field.

It will be appreciated that relative motion occurs on "0 various levels. i.e., there may be relative motion of discrete bodies ns well as of the constituents thereof in-



Henry Wm Wallace. Ardmore, Pa. 5

( Cherry . Laurel, Miss. 394 Filed Nnr. 4,1948, Ser. No. 773.051 Inf. Cl. G09b 2S/06

U.S. Cl. 3519 10



Apparatus nr*d method for generating a time variant Don-clcctrom^coctte force field doe to the dynamic interaction of relatively moving bodies and for transforming id such force fields into energy for doing useful work.

Dec. 14, 1971 . w. WALLACE 3,623,605 | A Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices | c