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11:07 p.m.


The old Ford was stretched across the road like it had spun out. The lights were off and the engine silent. He couldnt see anyone through the windows.

Christ, Jonathan said. He brought his fathers car to a halt and jumped out, certain that he was too late. First thered been no answer when hed tapped on Desss window. Then hed spotted long skid marks on the gravel road, marking where a car had accelerated wildly away from the front of her house.

And now this. Melissas car abandoned half a mile down the road.

The darkling groupies had gotten them all.

But when he reached the Ford, Jonathan saw shapes huddled inside. Melissa was splayed across the drivers seat, head listing to one side. Jessica and Dess were crouched halfway down in the back, holding each other.

And no Rex. Was he really gone?

Hey, Flyboy, Melissa said, cranking her window down. Her face was as white as death. Good to see you.

The back door opened, and Jessica tumbled out. She threw her arms around him, her face streaked with tears.

What the hell happened?

Just a little navigation issue, Melissa said. Her voice was ragged. But I think its sorted out.

The other back door opened, and Dess stood and stared glassily at him across the roof of the Ford. I know where Rex is. Weve got to go. She walked toward his car, shaky on her feet.

All three of them looked terrible.

Come on, Jessica said, slamming the door behind her and pulling him toward his fathers car.

Shouldnt someone ride with Melissa? he asked. She doesnt look so hot.

Just get in the car and drive, Dess said.

They headed toward Aerospace Oklahoma, Melissa following and Dess in the front seat next to him, her eyes trained on the glowing GPS receiver. Jessica sat in the back, leaning forward to keep touching him, clinging to him as if shed just been rescued from a burning house.

On the way, Dess told them about Madeleine, the old mindcaster shed found hidden in Bixby three days before. Jonathan could hardly believe itthered been another midnighter in town all this time. The secret hour was almost too much sometimes. Flatland might be two-dimensional, but at least the rules didnt keep changing every ten seconds.

She didnt leave her house for fifty years? he asked, horrified at the thought. Having to stay inside for a week when he was sick drove him crazy.

Forty-nine, Dess said. She could go outside sometimes, as long as she was in disguise. If anyone recognized her, the Grayfoots might hear shed shown up again. And then after Melissa was born, she only went out during school hours.

Whats going to happen now? Jessica said.

Now that the queen bitch knows? Dess shook her head, her eyes never leaving the GPS receiver. I dont want to think about it. As soon as we rescue Rex, weve got to warn Madeleine. Or maybe shell taste it herself.

But I thought the darklings couldnt find her because of where her house is, Jessica said.

Yeah, but I know the exact spot, inside and out. Desss voice was dry and exhausted. Like Angie knew where to take Rex, you know?

Jonathan glanced back at Jessica. Um, not really.

Coordinates mean something to me, something solid, like emotions have a taste for mindcasters, Dess said. The locations in Melissas mind now. She took it from me. The darklings will get it from her sooner or later.

Jonathan frowned. Hopefully later.

Well, Dess said, if we bash Melissas brains in before midnight, it wont be a problem.

There was a long silence. Jonathan felt Jessicas arms tighten around his chest, and he focused on the white lines of the road.

No takers? Dess sighed. Cmon, guys. Im just kidding.

Jonathan swallowed. They hadnt told him exactly what had gone down in the car or why it was spun out half a mile down the road from Desss house. Just that Melissa had touched Dess, giving her the coordinates where Rex had been taken. And that her touch had opened the whole Madeleine can of worms.

But there had to be more to it than that, Jonathan realized. He still got the shakes when he remembered Melissa touching him. Dess couldnt have been thrilled about sharing minds with her, and Jessica wasnt psyched about having watched either.

For that matter, Rex was going to freak.

If they got to him in time.

Jonathan looked at his watch: 11:33. They werent even at Aerospace Oklahoma yet. Flying, he could cut straight through town and be there in minutes. But if the darklings were going to do something to Rex, even a short time after midnight might be too late.

Turn off, Dess said.

Jonathan slowed, squinting out into the darkness. There werent any streetlights out here. Um, where?

Right here. She pointed into the desert. We need to go that way.

Yeah, but a road would be nice.

Dess hissed softly. According to Jessicas moms maps, there should be an access road right there. She groaned. Or maybe there will be. Maybe it isnt built yet.

Jonathan brought the car to a halt, surveying the lightless desert stretched out before him. Look, we can drive on salt flats no problem. But thats scrub, loose sand, and cactus. You want to get stuck?

Dess sat beside him in silent thought. Melissas headlights pulled up behind, filling the car with light.

Keep driving, Dess finally said, but turn off the moment you can.

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