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Proper Names in the Text

Many of the persons and places mentioned in this book first appeared in The Book of the Long Sun, to which the reader is referred. In the following list, the most significant names are given in CAPITALS, less significant names in italics.

Colonel Abanja, Generalissimo Siyuf's chief intelligence officer.

Captain Adatta, INCANTO'S chief female subordinate at the Battle of BLANKO.

Affito INCLITO'S coachman.

Atteno, INCANTO'S host in BLANKO, a stationer.

Auk, the thief who led a party of colonists from VIRON to GREEN.

Babbie, a hus given to HORN by Mucor.

Badour, the guard who leaves his post to take

INCANTO, HIDE, JAHLEE, MORA, and others to his officer.

Bala, SINEW'S wife.

Colonel Bello, an officer in the horde of BLANKO.

BLANKO, a town on BLUE founded by colonists from Grandecitta.

BLUE, the better of the two habitable planets of the SHORT SUN System.

Bricco, a small child cared for by FAVA.

Br una, a docile mule belonging to INCLITO.

Cantoro, a merchant of BLANKO.

Casco, a jealous suitor, long ago.

Chaku, a mercenary from Gaon.

Chenille, the wife who accompanied Auk to GREEN.

Chrasmologic Writings, the sacred book revered in VIRON.

Comus, a minor god, Pas's jester.

Cugino, the woodcutter who makes a staff for INCANTO.

Cuoio, the name by which HIDE is known in BLANKO.

Decina,, the cook at INCLITO'S farm.

Dentro, a young man who fell in love with a Strega long ago.

Eco, one of the messengers chosen by INCLITO.

Evensong, the concubine who stowed away on INCANTO'S boat.

FAVA, a houseguest at INCLITO'S, MORA'S playmate.

Gagliardo, an astronomer of SOLDO.

Gaon, a large and prosperous town southeast of BLANKO.

Gioioso, one of Salica's unlucky husbands.

Gorak, a mercenary sergeant.

Grandecitta, a skyland city of the LONG SUN WHORL.

GREEN, the worse of the habitable planets of the SHORT SUN System.

Corporal Hammerstone, a soldier in the army of VIRON.

HIDE, one of HORN'S twin sons.

Hierax, the god of death in the LONG SUN WHORL.

Hoof, HIDE'S brother, one of HORN'S twin sons.

HORN, a paper-maker of NEW VIRON, appointed to bring SILK to BLUE.

Hyacinth, a beautiful woman of VIRON, SILK'S wife.

INCANTO, the name by which the former Rajan of Gaon is known in BLANKO. (Also the name of INCLITO'S older brother, who died in infancy.)

INCLITO, the leading citizen of BLANKO.

JAHLEE, the first of the inhumi rescued by INCANTO and Evensong.

Lieutenant Karabin, a mercenary officer.

Karn, a two-year-old boy, SINEW'S son.

Krait, the inhumu who rescued HORN from a pit.

Captain Kupus, the leader of the mercenaries.

Legaro, the ambassador sent by Novella Citta.

LIZARD, an island north of NEW VIRON, the site of HORN'S mill.

LONG SUN WHORL, the interior of the WHORL.

Maliki, the title of the ruler of SINEW'S village, used here as a proper name.

Mamelta, a sleeper wakened by Mucor and rescued by SILK.

Mano, a popular young trooper in the horde of BLANKO.

Maytera Marble, the former sibyl who accompanied the colonists BLUE and resumed her vocation there, a chem.

Marrow, a magnate of NEW VIRON.

Maytera Mint, the heroine of VIRON'S revolution, also known as General Mint.

MORA, a girl in her early teens, INCLITO'S daughter.

General Morello, the commander of the horde of SOLDO.

The Mother, a sea-goddess of Blue akin to Scylla.

Mucor, a woman possessing paranormal powers, Marble's granddaughter.

Nadar, a madman in SINEW'S village.

Nadi, a river flowing past Gaon.

Neighbors, the name by which the sentient native race is known on BLUE'S western continent; the Vanished People.

Nettle, HORN'S wife, the mother of SINEW, Hoof, and HIDE.

NEW VIRON, the town on BLUE founded by colonists from VIRON.

Novella Citta, a smaller town near SOLDO.

Olivine, a young chem of VIRON, the handicapped daughter of Marble and Hammerstone.

Olmo, a smaller town near SOLDO.

Onorifica, the kitchen maid at INCLITO'S.

OREB, a night chough, INCANTO'S pet bird.

The OUTSIDER, the god of gods.

Pajarocu, a phantom town on BLUE'S western continent.

Pas, the father of the gods of the LONG SUN WHORL.

Perito, a hired hand on INCLITO'S farm.

Pig, a friend of INCANTO'S in the LONG SUN WHORL.

Patera Pike, an elderly augur of Viron, long dead.

Poliso, a foreign town near BLANKO.

Councilor Potto, VIRON'S spymaster.

Qarya, SINEW'S village on GREEN.

Quadrifons, an aspect of the OUTSIDER in the LONG SUN WHORL.

Patera Quetzal, the inhumu who became Prolocutor of VIRON, long dead.

RAJAN, the title of the ruler of Gaon, used here as a proper name.

Red Sun Whorl, the distant planet on which Rigoglio was born.

Patera Remora, the head of the Vironese Faith on BLUE.

Duko Rigoglio, the ruler of SOLDO.

Rimando, one of the messengers chosen by INCLITO.

Private Rimo, a trooper in the horde of BLANKO.

Salica, INCLITO'S elderly mother.

Sborso, a hired hand on INCLITO'S farm.

Schiamazza, an elderly servant in Salica's girlhood home.

Scleroderma, one of the colonists from VIRON, now dead.

Scylla, a goddess of the LONG SUN WHORL, the patroness of VIRON and a frequent visitor to INCANTO'S dreams (also a sea-monster of the Red Sun Whorl).

SEAWRACK, the one-armed woman HORN left behind in Pajarocu.

Captain Sfido, an officer of SOLDO.

Shauk, a three-year-old boy, SINEW'S son.

SHORT SUN, the star whose rising begins each new day on BLUE and GREEN; the WHORL is in orbit around it.

Patera SILK, the calde of Viron at the time the colonists left for BLUE, also called Calde SILK.

SINEW, the oldest of HORN'S sons, who followed him to Pajarocu.

Generalissimo Siyuf, the commander of the horde of Trivigaunte.

SOLDO, the largest of the towns established by colonists from Grandecitta.

Solenno, one of Salica's unlucky husbands.

Spider, a spycatcher of VIRON.

Sun Street Quarter, the district served by SILK'S manteion.

Colonel Terzo, an officer of SOLDO.

Thelxiepeia, a goddess of the LONG SUN WHORL.

Torda, INCLITO'S chambermaid.

Trivigaunte, the city that intervened in VIRON'S revolution.

Turco, a favored suitor, long ago.

Ugolo, a magnate of BLANKO.

Urbanita, a neighbor of Volanta's.

Ushujaa, a passenger on the lander that brought HORN to GREEN.

Sergeant Valico, a trooper in the horde of BLANKO.

Vanished People, BLUE'S sentient native race; the Neighbors.

VIRON, the city of the LONG SUN WHORL in which SILK, HORN, and Nettle were born.

Colonel Vivo, an officer in the horde of BLANKO.

Volanta, INCANTO'S hostess in BLANKO, Atteno's wife.

Volto, an unpopular trooper in the horde of BLANKO.

Lieutenant Warren, a mercenary officer.

Water Street, an avenue in BLANKO bordering the river.

WHORL, the generation ship from which the colonists came.

Lieutenant Wight, a mercenary officer.

Master Xiphias, an elderly fencing master of VIRON.

Lieutenant Zepter, a mercenary officer.

Zitta, INCLITO'S wife and MORA'S mother, long dead.

27th day of the Mobilization

To my Dear Friend and Councilor Incanto-

Olmo has fallen. There can be no doubt of it. Our scouts have seen the Duko's pennant at the base camp. I myself saw a dead trooper in purple and maroon not two hours ago. Dragoons of the Bodyguard are here, and the rest close behind. We bear ourselves like men, but you must be braced for the blow.

I clawed you like a devil for supplies, I know. No more. Take Rimando's mules and muledrivers. Rimando too. They are the only help I can give you.

Advice: You know I tried to save the northern farms. We shared meat and salt, Incanto. Listen to me. They are finished. Take what you can and leave them to their fate. These graybeards, these women and boys you found arms for, they may fight or make a show of it from the walls. If you march north with them, the Duko's cavalry will cut them to pieces in half an hour. Whatever happens, do not allow them out of the gates. Show the guns on the walls, call a truce, and take the terms Rigoglio offers.

Write at once if you have word of Mora.

If I fall, do what you can for my mother. Also, Torda and Onorifica. Shed no tears for your discourteous friend-


Especially Torda and my mother. I.

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