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Weinstein, Harvey M., M.D., Psychiatry And The Cia: Victims Of Mind Control American Psychiatric Press, 1990.


1991 Roman Catholic Weekly


Mark Phillips' motto


The term Multiple personality Disorder (MPD) Is now clinically referred to by mental health professionals as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).


Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), now known among mental health professionals as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DTD) is the mind's sane defense to an insane situation. It is a way of dealing with trauma that is literally too horrible to comprehend. Incestuous rape violates primitive instinct and surpasses pain tolerance. By compartmentalizing the memory of such horrendous abuse, the rest of the mind can function normally as though nothing had happened. This compartmentalization is created by the brain actually shutting down neuron pathways to a specific part of the brain. These neuron pathways are triggered open again when the abuse recurs. The same part of the brain that is already conditioned to the trauma deals with it again and again as needed.


Uncle Ted had also cried hysterically the night of the murder. Several years later, he almost killed himself when he drove his car into the White River near the place of the murder.


Gerald Ford, aka Leslie Lynch King, Jr., served on the appropriations subcommittee for the CIA and was appointed to the Warren Commission to investigate the assassination of President John F. Kennedy while I knew him only as a pom boss!


Had my teachers been educated in the obvious signs of child abuse, my "illusion of normalcy" would have been interpreted as a cry for help. Dissociative trance daydreaming, tones of helplessness and sexuality in drawings, and the electric prod marks on my face should have been recognized.


Project Monarch slaves were referred to as "Chosen Ones".


Torture to the point just before death, such as with Death's Door programming, was jointly used by the Catholic Jesuits and the CIA in Project Monarch.


It was the voices of my mind-control programmers and handlers that I later heard guiding me.


"Freedom Train" is the internationally recognized cryptic code term for Project Monarch slave operations that I heard repeatedly throughout my victimization.


Nashville Metropolitan Police Lieutenant Bob Ezell, who also acted in the capacity of Grand Ol' Opry security guard, covered up the murder.


Substantial information regarding the saturation of occultism in the Mormon church is a published fact, circulated among the Bishopric, then released by Bishop Pace in on effort to restore morality and freedom of thought to church members..


Senator Johnston's dual and triple cryptic language perplexed me at the time. In retrospect, I understand how this component of mind control allowed for undetected proliferation of criminal covert activity, even when overheard by strangers, to the extent that I believed it must be occurring in "another dimension" as I was told.

Johnston validated his ploy in my mind by arranging for me to see his space-ship a then TOP SECRET experimental aircraft which would eventually be known as a Stealth fighter at a military installation near Baton Rouge. The classified triangular Stealth was so alien to me at the time that it looked more like a spaceship than the U.S. fighter plane it actually is. This, in combination with his inhumane demeanor and my previously instilled belief in trans-dimensional travel, convinced me he was the ET he purported to be.


I understand this is referred to as a Woodpecker grid.


"Riding the Light" scrambled my future experience of being transported by military helicopter or airplane to robotically carry out some program for the government. This trance-dimeasional travel caused my earthly experiences to be perceived as having occurred in another dimension.


I remained in a Post Traumatic Stress Disordered (PTSD) trance.


Jimmy Dean is knowledgeable of, and a willing participant in criminal covert activity including the use of mind-controlled slaves.


"Marching to Missouri" is a Mormon based belief that interfaced with the CIA's faction of the country music industry being transferred to Branson, Missouri in the mid 1980s.


120,000-volt stun guns leave two indented prod marks or moles two inches apart, while the cylindrical stun gun used primarily in the vagina and rectum leaves prod marks/moles 3/4 of an inch apart. A look into trash-magazine publisher Larry Flint's Hustler will show prod marks on the mind-controlled slaves he photographs, particularly on the throat, near the lips, and on the back.


The "witch's face" has also been referred to as that of a baphomet and Jesuit monk.


I photo identified the Sergeant and his (jailer) officer in 1990, and Mark's and my lives were threatened through then-District Attorney, now U.S. Representative, Bud Cramer (D. Huntsville, Alabama) of the Congressional Permanent Intelligence Committee as a result of this revelation!


To a literal mind-controlled MPD/DID slave, the term "Head Priar" equates to "head frier", meaning high voltage to the brain.


Dick Thomburgh is listed in Houston's CIA memo book which is now in my (and others') possession.


Please note that, while still Sheriff of Youngstown, Ohio, Traficant wis investigated and subsequently indicted for federal racketeering, drug distribution, and Mafia connections. However, he was acquitted through careful CIA jury manipulation and he went on to become the U.S. Representative he is to this date.


Once gaining "eyes to see and ears to hear," this "you can run, but you can't hide" theme is so widely used it is visible from Hallmark greeting cards to Interstate overpasses to the lock-in song by the rock group, Police's "I'll Be Watching You".


A good friend of mine who remains a victim to date was married to Kristopherson on the night she wed her mind-control handler-much the way I had married Byrd when I wed Houston. The crucifix used to her Larry Flynt "wedding night" porn photos was mirrored rather than crystal.


Kristopherson nearly strangled me to death with his penis, which had further sexually excited him, late in the summer of 1987 during another incident related to Byrd.


NCL cruise ships routinely pass through the so-called "Bermuda Triangle," and Byrd did not miss this opportunity to tap into old programming base installed by Senator L. Bennet Johnston.


When Mark and I turned in detailed information on this drug drop to law enforcement, our lives were endangered to the point that a foreign Intelligence officer intervened and subsequently saved our lives through a timely tip-off.


"Diamond in the Rough" was a term used to describe an MPD/DID slave actively engaged in programming via torture conditioning.


Congressman Ackerman's Caribbean cocaine and Asian heroin operations have not hindered his position on the Congressional Post Office and Civil Service Committees, nor the Asian and Pacific Affairs Committee. It is important to note that, as a matter of Congressional record, Ackerman openly opposed compulsory drug tests for all federal employees.


Senator Byrd proudly claimed Loretta as his mind-controlled slave and told me, "I literally made Loretta what she is today, and she is maid to order". Loretta's son and secondary mind-control handler, Ernest Ray, told me, "I know what the Byrd did to my mother. I can get away with murder All I gotta do is call him and I'm free as a bird/Byrd."


Since I had no concept of time under mind control, the 80s seemed like one long day to me, whereby discerning exact dates is extremely difficult. Furthermore, I was programmed to believe that every encounter with certain individuals was "the first time". I do know that I had been conditioned and programmed in preparation for Reagan since 1978 ai NASA's Cape Canavaral in Titusville, Florida.


Reagan preferred illicit pornography videos such as bestiality, while his favorite pornographic magazine was Larry Flynt's Hustler.


Although Hollywood's Dante rivaled Larry Flynt for the title of "Chief Pornographer" producing video versions of Hustler's stills, Flynt was unequivocally the official White House Pornographer. Dante's covert filming of political perversion for blackmail purposes failed to gain him the international notoriety Flynt maintained through his New World Order collogues such as Presidents Reagan, Bush, and Ford; CIA Director Bill Casey; U.N. Amhossador Madeleine Albright; Senators Byrd and Specter; Congressmen Trafficant and VanderJagt; Governors Thornburgh, Blanchard and Alexander; and various World Leaders such as Prime Minister of Canada Mulroney, President of Mexico de la Madrid, and Saudi Arabian King Fahd to name a few


Having been out of circulation since my rescue did not preclude my ability to predict winners according to political favors: from George Bush, Jr's Texas Rangers to the Toronto Blue Jays' victory during the Canadian political heal of NAFTA.


My jaw is permanently damaged From Cheney. I have chronic TMJ.


Riley, over time, owned several slaves.


Riley, like my father, Wayne Cox, and other, remains apparently immune from prosecution for his crimes against children and humanity, as it is considered a matter of "'National Security" under the 1984 Reagan Amendment to the National Security Act.


I still have the handwritten note from Loretta that prompted out forbidden conversation and I hope that someday Loretta will gain the piece/peace-of-mind that comes with rehabilitation.


In the course of deprogramming, I found retrieval of this information much quicker than it would have been had Houston not accessed it previously, against government policy, and for his own personal gain.


Richard Fulton and his bank were under Federal investigation as of 1991.


Fate Thomas is currently serving time in a Federal penitentiary for bribery and extortion.


Recently under Federal investigation for corruption.


Hillary Clinton is the only female to become sexually aroused at the sight of my mutilated vagina.


Mr Roger projects through puppets on his show, and one of his key characters from the Land of Make-Believe is King Friday the 13th.


Moore often operated under the cloak of World Vision.


The wooden sign was carved to read: U.N.DERGROUND


Education 2000 was designed to increase our children's learning capacity while destroying their ability to critically think for themselves. You can learn more about Education 2000, also referred to as America 2000 and Glohal 2000, through reading: Educating for the New World Order by B.K. Eakman, published by Halcyon House ISBN # 0-89420-278-2-3441000, and A Critique of America 2000: An Educational Strategy by Kathi Simonds, published by Citizens for Excellence in Education.


Anytime I was taken to "see Byrd," I was deliberately reminded of his name, (Robert) C. Byrd and "its alien mirror reversal," Sea-Byrd as a triple bind lock in.


Bill Bennett, who was still acting as Chairman of the National Endowment of the Humanities in 1984, was designated (tapped) to became U.S. Secretary of Education through his allegiances to George Bush and the New World Order. In 1985, Reagan (Bush) officially appointed Bennett as Secretary of Education. Apparently Byrd considered my "Neeed to Know" Bennett as Secretary of Education pertinent to my role in the Global Education project.


Jesuit/NASA based whale and dolphin programming suggests that water is a mirror to other dimensions and is the means by which aliens have mixed with our population.


If this were so, why did he have to audibly tell me?


"The Order of the Rose" was an emblem of those ushering in the New World Order. "Orders from the Rose" were orders From George Bush.


Reagan first introduced me to U.N. Ambassador Madeleine Albrighi as "my mentor" in Jesuit operations in the Caribbean "Madeleine Albright is a Saint," Reagan told me, forming my perception of her "The Mother Teresa of the Caribbean.


While I was in Jamaica under Albright's (via Bush's) instruction, Larry Flynt photographers took advantage of my being there to use the picturesque Dunns River Falls as a backdrop for pornographic photos to be used in Hustler.


Reagan's red rose triggered a sexual mode usually used to compromise/blackmail dignitaries and lock them into loyalty to the Order of the Rose.


I have witnessed girls die of suffocation from this practice oven though 3 to 5 minutes without breathing is common.


While Bonnie was not raised in Project Monarch, Houston's pedophilia and stage hypnosis techniques rendered Bonnie unable to control her own actions. Bonnie is a multiple with a record of prostitution in need of therapy and care.


Irby Mandrell openly discussed Senator Byrd's direct involvement in the Project Monarch government mind-controlled victimizations of his incestuously abused daughters with Houston. "Having babies can be a lucrative way to feather your nest-that's what the Byrd taught me." Mandrel! continued, "Louise was a little withdrawn, and she needed to come out of her cocoon and spread her wings. I ran the idea by Byrd, and he said 'If she doesn't have a talent, let's make her one. What is a band without a fiddle? And viola, there she is. Another star on the rise launched from NASA City, USA (Huntsville, Alabama)."


Friendships between mind-controlled slaves are usually forbidden, and conversations are kept to a minimum lest cross-programing triggering occurs. Throughout the years, my own relationship with the Mandrells was limited to a superficial basis, whereas Irby Mandrell employed Houston's hypnotic abilities to maintain mind control over his daughters while t ouring.


World Vision was/is a Jesuit controlled organization that led churches to give them money under the guise of spreading world peace. What they were not saying was what the money was actually funding-a world peace plan under mind control.


Perceptual distortions of the virtues that good people hold most dear is one reason for the proliferation of criminal activity within such organizations as World Vision. There are those within affected factions of such organizations, the Catholic church, and even the U.S. Government that operate under distorted perceptions referred to by the CIA as a "Need to Know" basis-and they "Need to Know" that their minds, religion, and/or perceptions are being deliberately manipulated.


Since the Catholics had joined forces with the United Nations to overtake the world through mass mind control, the Jesuit influence on Haiti was complete. By maintaining much of the ceremony, placing literal interpretation on "eating the body and drinking the blood," and providing a mirror reversal of good and evil, Catholicism and voodoo, like Catholicism and the United nations, became one in the same.


The term Chameleon is a term used to describe spies who are expertly trained to blend into any environment at any time unnoticed-just as an MPD mirrors the one they're with.


The Jesuit Vow of Silence was installed through the Rite to Remain Silent of my childhood. Now I know, like so many others in Intelligence, that "Silence Equals Death". Knowledge is our ONLY defense against mind control.


Byrd had told me that Cedras was "a strategically placed chess piece that the CIA, Jesuits and U.N. moved around" to usher in their New World Order.


"Keys to the Kingdom" was defined by Bill Bennett in accordance with Jesuit programming as follows: "At the onset of Christianity, the Apostles compiled all the information that they had obtained from Christ and built the Holy Catholic Apostolic Church. Christ intended it to be the one world church then the truth, the light, and the way. The secrets were kept in the ark of the covenant, and passed down generation after generation. And generation after generation Christ caused for more to be written-the fruits of his labors expounding on the truth. Now the ark has become archives a wealth of information. This information is accessible to very few the very few who hold the Keys to the Kingdom".


Interpretation of the final message is left to the minds of the masses who can still discern truth. My conclusions are clear, bused on conversations overheard and my experience as a White House sex slave. Although Byrd and Reagan, among others, had prostituted me to officials in AIDS-infected countries, they used no protection against "the plague" when having sex with me.


Dick Cheney has no official U.S. military history to justify his position as our nation's former Defense Secretary under President George Bush.


Mark Phillips explained to me that, by revealing their secrets their power would diminish. "Good always prevails through positive application, whereas the bad guys are hindered and slowed in their criminal endeavors through having to cover-up their negative actions with lies to support lies. This inevitably allows the truth to emerge," Mark said.


Black LL Bean Swiss Army Knives were a coded indicator of White House-level operations. Red LL Bean Swiss Army Knives, and regular Swiss Army Knives were a standard CIA indicator with which I was also familiar.


Please support us in this effort by writing your Congressmen.

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