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Xun Lu

The True Story of Ah-Q

The True Story of Ah-Q Оценка: 2.0 (4)
Genre: prose
Considered a masterpiece, this story was written in 1921, and is set in the China of 1911: the period of the old-democratic revolution. It concerns the tragedy of Ah Q, a farm laborer who suffers a lifetime of humiliation and persecution, dreams of revolution, and ends up on the execution ground. The story colorfully reflects the rural conditions in semi-feudal and semi-colonial China, and brings to life the time's sharp class contradictions and the peasant masses' demand for revolution. Its simplicity and directness of style, and the beauty of Lu Hsun's language, place The True Story of Ah Q high among literary works of the time for both content and style.
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  1. Lu Xun The True Story of Ah-Q
  2. Chapter 1: Introduction
  3. Chapter 2: A Brief Account of Ah-Qs Victories
  4. Chapter 3: A Further Account of Ah-Qs Victories
  5. Chapter 4: The Tragedies of Love
  6. Chapter 5: The Problem of Livelihood
  7. Chapter 6: From Restoration to Decline
  8. Chapter 7: The Revolution
  9. Chapter 8: Barred from the Revolution
  10. Chapter 9: The Grand Finale
  11. Lu Xun

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