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Vinge Vernor

Children of the Sky

Serie: Zones of Thought Trilogy
Genre: fantasy, space fantasy
After nearly twenty years, Vernor Vinge has produced an enthralling sequel to his memorable bestselling novel *A Fire Upon the Deep.*
In *Children of the Sky,* ten years have passed on Tines World, where Ravna Bergnsdot and a number of human Children ended up after a disaster that nearly obliterated humankind throughout the galaxy. Ravna and the pack animals for which the planet is named have survived a war, and Ravna has saved more than one hundred Children who were in cold-sleep aboard the vessel that brought them.
While there is peace among the Tines, there are those among them--and among the humans--who seek power…and no matter the cost, these malcontents are determined to overturn the fledgling civilization that has taken root since the humans landed.
On a world of fascinating wonders and terrifying dangers, Vernor Vinge has created a powerful novel of adventure and discovery that will entrance the many readers of *A Fire Upon the Deep*. Filled with the inventiveness, excitement, and human drama that have become hallmarks of his work, *Children of the Sky* is sure to become another great milestone in Vinge's already stellar career.
One of *Library Journal* 's Best SF/Fantasy Books of 2011.

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