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Esslemont Ian

Kellanved's Reach

Kellanved's Reach Serie: Path to Ascendancy
Genre: heroic
The incessant war between the bickering city states of **Quon Tali** rages. So engrossed are the warring lords and princes in their own petty feuds that few notice that an upstart mage from **Dal Hon** has gained control of the southern seas.
But some powers are alarmed . . .
In the meantime, as **Purge** and **Tali** indulge in what seems like a their never-ending game of war, a mercenary caught up in the fight between the two states suddenly refuses to play along and causes all sorts of chaos. Simultaneously, a pair of escapees from Castle Gris make their way across this ravaged landscape of flame and butchery. Their intention to seek out the legendary Crimson Guard.
And then there's **Kellanved** who could not care less about any of this petty politicking or strategy or war. Something other and altogether more mysterious has caught his attention and he - together with a reluctant and decidedly sceptical **Dancer** \- traverse continents...

hide Table of Contents

  3. Prologue
  4. Chapter 1
  5. Chapter 2
  6. Chapter 3
  7. Chapter 4
  8. Chapter 5
  9. Chapter 6
  10. Chapter 7
  11. Chapter 8
  12. Chapter 9
  13. Chapter 10
  14. Chapter 11
  15. Chapter 12
  16. Chapter 13
  17. Chapter 14
  18. Chapter 15
  19. Chapter 16
  20. Chapter 17
  21. Chapter 18
  22. Chapter 19
  23. Chapter 20
  24. Chapter 21

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